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  1. only the Creator can radically change the nature of something – it is He Who can create a new creation out of you, all other human methods of correction are sublimation, transformation, modification, in which the essence does not change, the appearance changes. You can certainly use the carrot and stick method to subdue a lion and make it jump through a hoop, but a lion is a lion and sooner or later a manifestation of its nature is possible. This topic is well described by Bulgakov in his Heart of a Dog. Preobrazhensky's transfiguration didn't work out. You need to be born – you will be reborn, and this happens through a person's appeal to the Creator, through Jesus Christ.It is He who is the Savior of man from evil.

  2. I am more than sure that you are a very kind person inside, and you want to hurt and offend because you are hurt and hurt yourself. Look for the motive of your desires. Explore your anger. Watch what happens. Even better, try to connect with your loved ones and ask them to help you overcome this condition, if possible, of course. In a trusting relationship.�

    Try to “trick” your anger, and at the moment when you want to do something nasty, make joy, see how it affects the feelings. Maybe you'll like it, and gradually remember how to do it differently.

    And remember, you're not evil, you're just sick with your pain. Get cured and everything will be fine.

  3. A very angry person is unlikely to realize what is causing pain. And he definitely doesn't want to do anything about it. If you think about it,then all is not lost. You have some resentment or complexes. Better consult a psychologist. There's no shame in that. But he will sort out what's what on the shelves. One answer is difficult to help here

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