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  1. I had this problem. I would recommend that you change schools. There's nothing wrong with that, but you can start with a clean slate. You'll think about what others didn't like about you and fix it somehow. Do not hesitate to discuss everyday life with others.

    If you can't change schools, then fight back! Verbal and physical! I just decided to do it by the 9th grade, but it immediately became easier for me!

  2. I was bullied by my classmates . Our class was NOT friendly . All the teachers yelled at us almost obscenely. Everyone laughed at my aggression (there was no other way). I left this school only in the 9th grade. Especially like the popular girls were laughing,and the guy I liked was even more bullied.

  3. First of all, talk to your parents and / or a school psychologist.

    If you don't know how to solve a problem, it doesn't mean that your parents don't know either. Perhaps together you can figure out how to resolve this situation.

    Even if they don't find a solution right away, they just have to talk to the class teacher, school principal, etc.Because the problem may be one or more students who “like” bullying and then the problem should be solved with them.

    You may need to change your class or school.

    Because it is possible that you are somewhat different from the “culture” of the children of this school, and children with tolerance are generally so-so, especially in bad schools.

    In normal schools, this is usually not a problem.

  4. Unfortunately, this often happens at school today. But there are some practical tips from the ancient Wise book . Tip: Look for an escape route if the situation gets out of hand. Proverbs 17: 14 says, ” The beginning of a quarrel is like the breaking of water; leave the quarrel before it is kindled.” If the situation is tense or you need to leave or run away.And if you don't succeed, then there's one more tip: tell your parents. They have a right to know about this issue. And do not succumb to provocation, and you need to control the situation from the above tips.

  5. I had a history of just moving to a new school when I was 8- in class, I found a friend I thought I was looking for my best friend , and here in the classroom came his friend who was quarantined and he began to envy me that I was friends with his best friend and his friend communicated more with me and not take it off and then he began to laugh called me a gambler, a giraffe, and the fact that I was from another nation after 8-9 days I could not stand it and caught him near school and told him<< if you still have to bully it will be worse>< if you still have to bully it will be worse>> gave him in the face until his nose does not come out kro*b so he did not sieyatsya but others began to mock but after a while they did not) sorry for the bad story

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3 Answers

    1. Tell your parents. Yes, they can start teasing you with a “six” or “snitch” for this, but if your parents take measures in time, for example, transfer you to another class or school, they won't start.
    2. Ignore abusers. If they see you don't care about all the insults, then sooner or later they will get rid of you.
    3. Fight back. But you can only resort to this if the abusers themselves have started to let go of their hands and if you are sure that you have enough strength to teach them a lesson. If the abusers verbally offend, then it is better to say something in response. If you have started to offend physically, or strongly insulted verbally, then you can already give a punch in the face, preferably stronger and more painful, so that they are afraid to offend you in the future. The main thing is to mentally evaluate your physical strength, because if you are weaker than the opponent, then you will not teach him a lesson, but on the contrary, you will get a punch in the face yourself (in this case, call other students or teachers for help) If you are stronger than the opponent, then calculate the strength, otherwise you can seriously injure him and you will be to blame.
  1. Avoid contact with them for your physical safety. Don't run, just disappear. If you run and retreat, it will activate the predator's instinct and you will be the prey.�

    Now there is a pack instinct, in which there are alpha males, middle peasants and outsiders. You are an outsider of the pack. This is all programmed at the DNA level and they act according to their instincts.�

    Get used to it. 80% of people on Earth live without a single thought in their head, and one smart dog is smarter than all of them put together. Their main program is “beat-run-copulate”, in addition there is a program “mock-humiliate-have fun”. So this second program is “social” and applies to the weakest (in physical and instinctive terms) members of the pack. In this way, the weakest members of the pack are destroyed and the gene pool is “cleaned up”, i.e. mostly only alpha males survive and slightly less middle-aged ones survive. You are an outsider, you have zero chances to survive in the pack.�

    If you stay in that school, you may die (you've been beaten to death before), or you may become disabled (this happens very often, often they just maim someone's life at school).�

    However, when you move to a new school, you will find yourself in a different pack, where you will also become an outsider. Others don't care about your position, and your parents can hardly change your position. Teachers, head teachers, and principals don't care about you, and they are on the side of those who mock and humiliate you.�

    The outsider disappears from the pack to survive. You should do the same. By all the logic of outsider survival, of course.�

    Never cross paths with them after school. If you have a working brain (and not the same ganglion as all alpha males and alpha females and “middle peasants”), then engage in self-education, studying topics of interest to you.�

    And within yourself, repeat these words like a mantra:”I am an outcast in any country, always and everywhere.” It helps a lot. Get used to the fact that almost no one understands you.

  2. The most effective way is to fight back, they can beat you up, but next time they will think before offending you. Hit immediately on the face of the most important thing do not expect anything, it is usually the most and is the initiator of bullying. They are bullied because of their own inferiority, trying to assert themselves at the expense of those who are weaker. That is, the aggressor, as a rule, does not represent anything from himself and knows it, if you can't hit a person in the face, fight with a word and a smile, show that you don't care about their opinion, I give you a 100% guarantee that your supporters will immediately be found, and the harassment will immediately come to naught. Good luck.

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