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  1. I'll answer corny – look for interests and hobbies.
    You can search for interests and hobbies through trial and error, as well as developing the rudiments of what you already somehow like.
    You like to watch football, watch matches further, watch analytics, study clubs, and maybe play yourself, then you will have a solid interest. If you play sports, learn this sport.
    If you don't like anything, then “borrow” interests from friends, the person likes to glue models, start also gluing models and ask a friend for advice, make friends. A friend likes to watch Game of Thrones, check it out too.
    You can start listening to any kind of music, and if you are interested in something, look for similar music, so go ahead. You can watch a variety of science pop and if something drags you out, then start studying the field, and so on.

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