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  1. I believe that such situations are quite frequent. The general advice is usually not to focus your life solely on someone, whether it's a friend, girlfriend, wife, or kids. Of course, this does not mean that you should give up on them, but building your life exclusively around them is a voluntary psychological dependence. And when you discover that you are not the only one in the universe, and this sooner or later still happens, then it is always very difficult for you. I think that everyone has been through this, it is a good experience, and the sooner it is possible to experience and realize it , the better later.

    Try to find something else interesting in your life, maybe a job or hobby, or something that you dreamed of realizing before. Sport. Anything at all. Something for yourself. Slightly reduce the time and effort that you spent or spend on your wife and children and add your own personal, independent interest to the free space. You will become more versatile and automatically more interesting. Maybe even for your own wife. Even if you don't, it will stop bothering you so much because you will become more aware that life outside the family can also be interesting.

  2. Raving about why became a second plan. Ask her what she doesn't like about you. Most likely, you are a good dad and a wonderful husband. But maybe not the best man. And a woman needs a man. This is just a superficial speculation. Given that you're asking about it here, I think it is. A real man will not look for help on the Internet. He “takes me by the hair and drags me to bed.”

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