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  1. Rozhdestvensky spoke well on this issue:

    (from the poem “210 steps”)


    he holds on tenaciously to the past,

    then arrives,

    then it decreases…

    At school


    there were ratings


    “has time”

    and “does not have time”…

    A world made of concrete.

    A world made of iron.


    a robber's roar…

    I don't have time

    trust the forest.

    Listen to the bird.

    Touch the branch…

    I'm disappointed.

    I'm getting carried away.

    Sticky motif

    I'm humming to myself.

    Somewhere again


    gasping for breath!

    I don't have time…

    I don't have time.

    I regret my time.

    Weeks of musolu.

    With someone

    about something

    I'm arguing pointlessly.


    more and more evening parties


    Morning dawns

    I almost don't remember…

    In a stuffy car –

    as if in a furnace.

    I'm going back to the house.

    I open the door.


    an apartment


    I read them

    I don't have time!..

    I'm crawling again

    into the endless mountain,

    I'm angry

    and from the headwind

    I'm numb.

    It should be b, probably,


    in a different way!

    But in a different way

    I can't…

    I can be strong.

    I can be weak.

    A school friend

    I meet you unexpectedly.

    “Hello there!

    How are you…?”

    And –

    I don't have time

    listen carefully

    In what he told me


    Kerch and Calcutta,

    Volga and Vistula.

    Then I fly away,

    Then I sail away.

    We should,

    we should stop!

    I don't have time.

    I don't have time…

    I know,

    that snowstorms are coming soon

    they will blow.

    From an incomprehensible melancholy

    I'm exhausted…

    We should

    just sit down and think!

    We should…

    We should…

    I don't have time!

    Changing it again


    for miles.

    By phone

    I'm calling Moscow…

    A woman,

    the best one

    in the world,

    make her happy

    I don't have time!..

    Pushing it back

    both plans and deadlines.

    I listen to parables

    o longsuffering.

    A write

    your main lines

    I don't have time!

    And I don't think I'll make it…

    As a protodeacon

    in the festive church,


    the only one

    I'm tearing myself up…

    I would, of course,

    fixed the scores!..

    I don't have time.

    I don't have time.

  2. Personally, this feeling was a signal that I was not spending my time doing what I really wanted to do. That my field of activity is not at all what I have a penchant for and what I am interested in. After realizing this fact, the motivation for change appeared. Now, it feels like “the course is chosen correctly”, and this feeling is no longer there.

    You may have a similar situation, but this is just a guess based on personal experience.

  3. This is an illusion introduced by the general pursuit of “success” and excessive demands on yourself. Why do you even think that you need to “keep up” with something?

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