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  1. he will benefit from this, how can he help others with this?

    And why help others? It seems to me that because if you don't help others, there won't be much point in your actions. Yes, and helping others it is also not particularly there. But if you do not do this, then you will feel the fear of hopelessness. And so like there are the same as you are the creation of your kind. And so that they don't send you the fuck away, don't make you an outcast,to feel the warmth from living beings who will praise you( and this is almost the hardest buzz besides sex and food) so that you don't think about all this nonsense, you do something. And whatever you do , you get a positive response(you know the incentive and what the reaction will be) and the concept of good and evil from people. We have only us people and some external force that forces us to develop and move forward. Forward is a positive step in our culture. In some other culture, our “forward” will be a cascade for them. But since our culture is the most developed, it means that our future is the most correct.

  2. You just need to understand that all people are trying to survive, so they compete. If you can survive without it, I don't see a problem. Everyone should be in their own house, it is absolutely not necessary to look through the window if you do not want to.

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