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  1. Change your tutor. If you feel like you've screwed up, it means you've fallen for the wrong person or the wrong person.
    You come to a tutor because you know you screwed up earlier and you want to fix it. Students should come out with a sense of what they've done!

  2. You didn't shit yourself there, I'm sorry. This is a person with whom you have a purely business relationship, and for your money. And the tutor has long forgotten about your lesson.

    Again, if we are not talking about out of the ordinary things – farted, began to seduce, fell out of the chest, etc.

    You need to keep it simple.

  3. What did you do there that “screwed up”?) When you come to the teacher, he clearly does not expect to see a person who knows everything at 5+. In the first lesson, its task is to assess the level of your knowledge as correctly as possible. If you couldn't answer some questions or just couldn't remember something from the school curriculum, even though you studied them and theoretically know them, this is normal. This is a signal for the tutor, which topics need to be repeated/spoken again. If, after 2-3 classes, the teacher understands that you were overly nervous or didn't feel well at that time, and that's why you didn't respond well, then they will simply adjust the program of your classes. Do not worry and success to you!

  4. I made the most of it in the first lesson with a new instructor, when I already knew where the gas, brake and steering wheel were. So what. I came both on the second and on the tenth. Just realize that you are learning and have come to learn, to make mistakes, to correct them. The main thing is just to realize where something went wrong and deal with it, with a tutor or independently.

  5. Before preparing for admission to German philology, my daughter was tested at home by one of the authors of the German test for university applicants – a full-time tutor, candidate of sciences, etc.The question was decided – whether to start cooking or not. I gave her a task, sat down a meter away from the girl and called my friends ' mobile phones for an hour. She behaved, to put it bluntly, in a boorish way, showing by all means what a huge favor she was doing us, condescending to communicate. Even my nerves were on edge. As a result, the excellent student of the German special school scored 19 points out of 60. We were denied any training. ( It didn't even help that we live in the same neighborhood, neighbors, you can say, and my wife and I even agreed to pay a rather large amount ). There were tears, spontaneous family council until three in the morning, arguments and reproaches. They found another, simpler and more human in communication, and even significantly cheaper, and the first daughter was immediately named Snake Zmievna. After a year of classes with another “tutor” on admission, my daughter took 59 out of 60 and entered without any problems. 8 years passed, my daughter graduated from the university and graduate school with excellent results ( and only occasionally brought news from the university: Snake this, Snake that). Now he is on maternity leave, raising his son and completing his dissertation . And then, at the bus stop, the first failed tutor suddenly comes up to us and asks:: – You didn't study German for me once? I know your faces, especially the girl's.” And this is after such a memorable case and 8 years of flashing my daughter's face at the university department! We were speechless at first, and then very politely reminded when and how we met. And what do you think? No trace of remorse or regret, no self-doubt. She hadn't realized for eight years that an excellent student and an advanced graduate student had once been denied classes. We said a cool goodbye, but, again, very politely. – And if you have to work in the same department, how will it be? I asked. – �Very polite! My daughter replied. That's the story.

    So you should not have any fears. A tutor for a student, not a student for a tutor. Our case is rather an exception, as a rule, an experienced tutor is very friendly and communicative, will quickly figure out what you need. And then everything is simple. Intensive work will bear fruit. You wrote it yourself-calmly study. And believe in yourself.

  6. Do this:
    1. Come to the second lesson.
    2. Listen to your tutor as carefully as possible.
    3. Perform her tasks as diligently as possible.

    Anya, I'm subtly hinting: if you were fucking advanced in the subject , then you wouldn't need a tutor.
    But he was needed.
    This means that it is normal and even unavoidable for you to make some mistakes.
    And if the tutor is at least a little experienced, he understands this.
    And your task is to get the most out of lessons with a tutor: this is exactly what he works for.;)

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