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  1. It all depends on how often this happens and how much it interferes with life. Such things can be a consequence of fatigue, if, in fact, they occur when you are tired. If so, just change the mode, try more (and most importantly better!) rest.

    If you often feel tired and, consequently, often have difficulty understanding others, then you need to think about what is causing this, whether you have depression or other mood disorders or general well-being. Sometimes such experiences are part of a very peculiar experience of depersonalization and derealization, when the world (and sometimes the body itself) seems to be separated, distant, at such a moment people describe that the sounds become muffled. Rarely when derealization sensations relate only to speech and sounds, most often a person sees and feels himself and the environment, too, from the outside. Such feelings are usually also part of depression, sometimes they indicate its severity.

    If these feelings are not related to the course of mood problems, then they may be part of congenital speech and language development disorders. Speech and language are skills that are acquired over the course of a lifetime. In some people, the ability to learn speech and language can be significantly reduced. This is due to the functioning of the nervous system and brain.In childhood, as a rule, it is manifested by a delay in speech formation, and at an older age, difficulties in teaching Russian, literature, other languages, and sometimes other subjects that require the use of speech and language.

    There are two types of speech and language development disorders – expressive (when it is only difficult to speak) and receptive. In the latter case, it is precisely the perception of speech that is disrupted, the ability to parse it into phonemes, guess familiar words and grammatical constructions in it, and, accordingly, understand colloquial speech. In childhood, as a rule, this problem is manifested by a large number of difficulties (even behavioral ones). In adulthood, it can manifest itself in the same way as you do.

    In order to make such a diagnosis, it is necessary that firstly, the problems should be more or less permanent, and secondly, they should be noted from childhood.

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