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  1. Is it such a big problem? As my personal survey showed, a similar habit is present in a huge number of people around you. It's just that many people do not admit it, because they consider this habit to be something abnormal. I don't pretend to be scientific, because serious research requires the participation of thousands of volunteers. But still. As you can see, I created the survey for a reason, but because I myself sin in the habit of chatting with projections of real people I like.

    I have personally identified the benefits of such communications. You can be extremely frank with the image of a person you know, and you will not get anything for these confessions. No one will jump to conclusions, give away your secrets to the first person they meet, and so on and so forth. Yes, there is a linearity, it's like playing chess with yourself, but don't you think that these dialogues are very sincere, sincere, devoid of preventive measures? The other person's reactions are programmed, but that's the beauty of it. You will not be disappointed. No payback.

    Of course, this is a poor substitute for simple human communication, if by this we mean not the usual automatic chatter or one of the games that people play. Spontaneity, interaction with another consciousness , is a big deal. But when you don't have that luxury, why not?

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