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  1. In my life, I have encountered such a strong desire for juice, as you have, as well as soda and beer. From experience, I realized that if I succumb, I actually fix this behavior for myself (i.e., the brain understands that if you want it badly, it will get what it wants), and I succumb sooner or later anyway, then I found this way out:

    I allowed myself to drink anything, but only after drinking half a liter of water.
    So if you want juice right now, OK, you tell yourself. I'll have some juice. But first, water. By the time you drink half a liter of water, you don't want it anymore or you don't want it so much – you can even drink as much as you want. And so on until the next time. After a few dozen exercises, everything returns to normal for a long time.

    Half a liter of water is the right dose, the key idea is to drink relatively much to (as I later explained to myself) remove the unconscious thirst.

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