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  1. What do you think you should do if you find out that 2+2=4, or that the earth revolves around the sun?

    It may be very important for someone who gave birth to you, but parents are not only and not so much the people who gave birth to you, but the people who raised you, helped you, shared their experience, fed you, cared for you and loved you.

    Just because your parents told you that you are adopted in the first place means that you are old enough to know the truth, you are old enough to make certain decisions, to ask yourself the question, for example, what should I do now? This is a new stage of your growing up and your parents ' respect for you. I would even say that it is somewhat more difficult for your parents than for others, because they are not related to you physiologically, which means that they need to love you even more in order to go through all the difficulties of life with you.

    So in my opinion, there is no need to do anything, because nothing has really changed – you were an adopted son yesterday, last week, last month, and even last year. It's just that you didn't know about it, and now you do.

    Welcome to the new world, where you will learn something new every day, hitherto unknown to you.:)

  2. I have, for example, an adopted younger brother. And his parents hadn't hidden it from him since he was six. We talked to him, found out his opinion on this issue, and so on. But in fact, if you are adopted, it does not change anything in terms of parent-child relations. There are certain attitudes in the head about what a child and parent are, and these attitudes are also formed in the case of foster children. That is, for your parents, you are a native child, they take care of you, provide for you and love you, if, of course, we are talking about a family with non-deviant behavior. Even I, as a sister, have formed the belief that this person is my own brother. Saying this directly is not the easiest thing to do.

  3. I think they did it out of love. I'm probably not going to be able to formulate my idea very correctly right now, but I think my point of view will be clear. Here are two people who adopted a small child. Probably for some reason, I couldn't get my own one. So I think they will love the adopted one no less. After all, this is the same little person, no worse than others, who also needs love, affection and so on. For many years, they have been educating him, giving him everything to become a good person, worrying about him when he has gone somewhere, when he has some experiences, well, isn't this a manifestation of parental love? These are the parents. And I think if they said that, they probably just didn't want to hide it. And what to do in this case? Personally, I do not know. I guess I still couldn't answer your question, but I hope my little reasoning gave me some thoughts and you drew conclusions.

  4. Go up to them and tell them that they came from another planet.

    And it is better to read them a psychological analysis of your inner state.

    Squeeze out everything you can.

  5. What can I do here? Continue to live. I assure you that foster children can be loved no less than their relatives. In principle, the foster parents of these children are considered relatives. This even has its advantages. First, parents have such children precisely consciously. And, secondly, children can be proud that they chose them, and not other children.) So they are the best! Of course, the question immediately arises-who are the biological parents and the desire to see them. Here, most often, you will be disappointed. Alas, but cases with rich and noble parents who accidentally lost their baby, and then look for it all their lives, happen only in melodramas. They are much more likely to turn out to be marginal people with whom you would hardly want to have anything in common in life. Therefore, I advise you, first of all, to be grateful to those parents who raised you.

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