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  1. Treat him normally, respect his opinion. Everyone has the right to their point of view and is not obliged to prove it.

    Personally, I do not deny that everywhere there is a plundered government (there are no saints, brothers). Yes, and we are often far from saints ourselves, we steal from each other.

    In the event that a person does not have an opinion, or it was imposed on him (friends, relatives, TV propaganda or the opposite Internet propaganda, where they tell you how shitty everything is, what Jews and bastards are all around!), then in most cases trying to explain something to him is useless. They probably won't hear you. And here you need to either be good at psychology, be able to impose your opinion on people without harm to the latter, or hope that the opponent is not so “rotten” in terms of the ability to think and reason.

    For example, I discovered that not all grandparents who watch TV around the clock believe fiercely and blindly in how good everything is, and some even support Navalny. At the same time, on the Internet I came across a lot of young people who are sincere fans of Putin, Medvedev, Zhirinovsky, the current government, and these are not kremlebots, but real people, some of them live with me in the same city and I saw them before almost every day (when I was in school, and then went to work after college)

  2. Let him learn the culture himself and let him often look at himself from the outside, but in general such people are weak, evil, inadequate and hateful with narrow-minded thinking.

  3. Call Green Pis. Green Pis will be glad that you have discovered a rare, endangered species. But the most important thing is your behavior. Don't be aggressive. Understand that any positive opinion about Russia, any positive news about Russia-will be perceived by this person as aggression. So it's best to just keep quiet. And remember that rabies is also transmitted through saliva

  4. 1) Find out why the other person thinks so

    2) Carefully and as objectively as possible check the arguments that he will give

    3) Based on the results obtained, adjust your position on the issue

  5. I feel like I'll catch a lot of cons.

    But why when someone says that Putin is a thief, evil, rude, stupid, huylo?

    Putin's supporters can't make a normal counterargument, all they can say is, ” well, how is it, this is our president, we must respect him!”, what good did he do to you to respect him, he does not rob the country? Just compare the United Arab Emirates lived poorly, then they found oil there and everything, now even homeless people drive Maserati there(there are no homeless people there) and now Russia: gas, oil, coal, wood, gold, ores and how do most Russians live? Ot tell me, why is the country in such a shitty state with such potential industry and resources?. No one owes him anything. I'm waiting for normal arguments, not just unfounded minuses

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