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  1. Remember:

    • Anything that is long is symbolic of the phallus. Weapons (especially cold weapons), columns, towers, stairs, mountains,�

    • Anything that is deep or has a hole-symbolizes the vagina. And water. And fruits. Ponds and reservoirs, doors, houses, apples, shells, caves, wounds, bowls.

    • Any communication between people is coitus. Any penetration of anything into anything is coitus. Do you swim in a pond? Coitus. Shoot the enemy in the head? Coitus. Everything hot and red is also coitus.

    • All men are afraid of castration and want to sleep with their mother.

    • All women are jealous of the phallus and want to have it by sleeping with their father.

    • All the achievements of a person – in order to defeat a parent of their own sex and sleep with their father/mother.

    And now a couple of examples to make it clearer.

    Have you been pointed at? They want to have coitus with you.

    Do you dream that you are falling from a mountain? Castration.

    Are you afraid of sharp objects? Fear of competition that will end in castration.

    Want to eat a peach? No, sleep with my mom.

    A candlelit dinner? Hot coitus.

    A dream about stealing fruit from someone else's garden? The desire to change.

    The classic biblical myth of Adam and Eve, where the serpent and the apple appear? Also coitus.

    Does the girl like to pick mushrooms? Wants coitus. Does the guy like fishing? Wants coitus.

    That's all the wisdom. Use the words phallus, vagina, and coitus more often, and you're the star of psychoanalysis.

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