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  1. The author, you do not need reading (of course, it is also necessary, I do not argue), but action. Books will only give you a theory. After all, in overcoming fears, the action itself is more important than the practice of repeating terrible (for you) things/actions. Your correct motivation and intention to get rid of what, in your opinion, prevents you from living, will help you make a strong-willed effort and make that “jump” (in your case). I was once helped by the works of Collin Wilson (“Parasites of Consciousness”), Nietzsche (they have already written about him here) and Castaneda (but I will not recommend him to everyone, because his presentation is very peculiar). Good luck, I hope you succeed!

  2. “Martin Eden”, something from Nietzsche (“Zarathustra”, for example), late Chekhov stories (“Ionich”, “Gooseberry”, “About Love”, “House with a Mezzanine”, “Lady with a Dog”, “Man in a Case”) and Olesha's” Envy ” to make you feel like a real cockroach. Goodluck.

  3. Sometimes a person struggles with some kind of evil by starting to behave in the opposite way and going to the other extreme.In this case, it is reckless courage, audacity, desperation-yes, a lot of things can stand behind the apparent courage. True salvation from cowardice is faith built on Revelation, on trusting relationships with the Creator and understanding His ways. Fear is to some extent the opposite of faith.

  4. The Citadel, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. You can read to stop being afraid of anything at all, including death, understand your place in life, and learn to love, only if you are not a militant atheist who puts down the book at the mention of any deity.

    I highly recommend it.

  5. Erlend Lu ” Naively.Super”. This is a good, kind book that inspires and teaches you to love life as it is. After reading it, the soul becomes light and fears recede.

  6. Best of all, Goncharov's Oblomov – tested, you immediately jump up and run to overcome all possible difficulties. And not a movie, but a book.

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