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  1. If people are familiar to you, then you will not be able to remain completely indifferent anyway. It's stupid to pretend that it doesn't concern you and turn up your nose. But what you should do depends on:

    a) the nature of people's relationships;

    b) degree of kinship, relationship to each other;

    c) the reasons for the quarrel.

    Absolutely not allowed to get in when

    • parents punish the child;

    • head of a subordinate (regardless of gender, because there are no “men” or “women” at work, there are employees and an official hierarchy).

    You should just tactfully go out or move a long distance away.

    If the husband is dealing with his wife, it is acceptable to ask the man to be polite to the woman in your presence and postpone the showdown if possible. It is “in your presence”, and not in principle. Because if they are spouses, then they must deal with each other themselves.

    All rules of etiquette are canceled if the quarrel has reached the level of threat to life for one of its participants. In this case, proceed as necessary. Call the police, call for help.

    If two of your friends of the same sex are fighting, you can react as you think is right. Banging your fist on the table, grabbing and shaking your breasts. In friendship, the boundaries of what is acceptable are very blurred. It happens that a not very tactful, but absolutely necessary action from the point of view of a friend, puts everything in its place. The degree of your rightness can only be assessed by yourself.

    If the quarrel is just friends, and you are completely “out of business”, then ask them to postpone the showdown or leave.

    If you are asked to act as an arbitrator, decide whether you need it or not, but if you have already taken it, then try to look at the situation with an open mind. If you don't feel strong enough to do this, then refuse.

    And, of course, no matter what quarrels are discussed, it is unacceptable to tell others about it afterward. But this, I think you know.

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