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  1. If you talk to her for a long time, then she definitely knows about it.

    Communicate more on different topics. If there is interest in communication on her part, ask her out (alternatively, you can not call it a date for the first time).

  2. One of the most common problems of our time, and indeed of society as a whole.

    The friendship zone is one of the oldest and most common traps that women set up to plunge good, fit boys into the eternal abyss of mental slavery and then turn them into losers. © Lurkomorye

    First, you need to determine whether the girl really feels nothing but friendship for you. I recommend reading a rather informative article on lurka about the Friend Zone, everything is described and described in sufficient detail there.

    But how to get out of the friend zone is a rather complicated question. First, decide what you really want – a relationship or just sex. If you just fuck a girl, then you don't even need to waste time on her. Alas, the world really works that way, although many people don't like it. If you want a relationship with this girl, then you must be decisive.
    Rest assured: if the girl does not feel any reciprocal feelings for you, then this is a dead number. The most you can do is admit your feelings to her and start from her reaction.

    And finally, I recommend listening to a couple of tips about leaving the friend zone from the God of all YouTube.
    Top Bad Tips on How to get out of the friend zone
    Good luck.

    1. Start communicating with her

    2. Communicate without showing signs of attention

    3. She will start dating someone, but you do not worry and continue to communicate with her, sooner or later they will break up

    4. Take a walk at their wedding without ever declaring your love for her

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