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  1. Ehh, there wouldn't be such questions in our head if our mind could understand where our heart is leading us. But the heart has its own reasons, which the mind does not even know about. The mind can count, but the soul craves, and the heart is the heart-it knows. So live.

  2. Best of all, when the mind and feelings are friends, support each other. This helps a person to live in harmony with himself and effectively solve the life tasks that arise before him.

    And if the option of compromise is not possible, then I prefer to listen to the mind. After all, well-thought-out and analyzed solutions are more reliable.

  3. The bear also could not guess what to choose: tops or roots. Do you remember the fairy tale about the Man and the Bear? The man was planting turnips, and the Bear chose the hangers. And got the tops, etc. Give in to the feeling (heart) and get into a mess, you will regret. You will act wisely (by calculation), but it turns out-unsuccessfully, also annoying. Choose in advance in each case: “I did it because I wanted to,” or “I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do.”

    “Whatever happens, I won't regret it, “it was”my” choice!”

    Of course, there are still accidents, there are illusions. In addition, the choice is usually not instantaneous, you can start acting on the heart's desire, and then connect the head, and vice versa.

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