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  1. Some obvious ones. Well, there, you can write a note, order an advertising banner with a confession, persuade a friend to tell her about you. Contrary to all the myths about female insight, we understand hints about the same way as men-in any case.

  2. Smile like Jack Torrance (Nicholson) in the Glow. Perhaps after that she will run away and say something bad to you, but she will remember you for the rest of the week, remembering how cleverly she avoided your lascivious glances. And if no kidding, then there is such a thing as”body language”. Our brains have evolved over a long period of time and can pick up even those subtleties of movement that we would not seem to attach importance to. It is almost impossible for us to hide our sympathy, the only thing we need is not to hold back and be open to the person, not to be afraid to look into their eyes and let their facial expressions go into a free dance. Nature came up with everything for us.

  3. As for social networks, from my personal experience, I can say that you need to set a certain timer during which you can find out whether a girl is interested in you or not. If you have been communicating for a month and invited a girl to go for a walk, but she refuses, you need to stop communicating, no matter what castles in the air you build in your head.

    I stepped on this rake myself, and in the end it ended up very sad and not good.

  4. It is very important how you will look at it .Let him feel that you are not taking your eyes off her ,and at the moment when your eyes crossed, a little embarrassed and, as if reluctantly, take him down, with a light and kind smile

  5. Use social networks, like photos, and send her fresh and useful memes. Perhaps you will be able to correspond with her, and then you can go to rest and invite her.

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