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  1. I love the smell of wet terry towels. I can't describe why I like it so much.
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  2. I love the smell of a match when it is just lit) I will repeat about the freshly mown grass and the pages of a new book; for sentimentality – a favorite person

  3. The first thing that came to mind was coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, citrus fruits.
    There is also a thunderstorm field, pages of a new magazine or book.
    Well, and perhaps the smells of varnish and barcode corrector, but for special “connoisseurs”.

  4. Smells long forgotten, but lingering in the memory. Especially pleasant is the moment when you realize that the smell is painfully familiar and pleasant, caused by strong and warm feelings, and you remember, remember and understand that this is the smell of perfume that my mother used when I was still a child, or the same aroma of grandma's puree with cutlets, or the smell of sea air, long forgotten.

    The whole buzz is that you are reunited with the fragrance again and the smell evokes pleasant, nostalgic feelings.

  5. freshly cut wood and freshly cut grass. I'm a fan, of course,but I've never met a single person who gets sick of these smells.

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