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  1. Well, I think there is also a message about the period when you are in high school, coming to the end of the most carefree part of life, but at the same time determining your start in the future.

    A period that for me was a revelation of my favorite teachers, best friends and parents. I realize that the closer I get to the end of such a carefree life and the beginning of an independent one, the more they worry about me. I realize that my teachers have high hopes for me, that I will live up to my full potential and the knowledge they have given me. And my really close friend, even if it was the only one who was closest to me, gave me the appearance of what to strive for, helped me in my problems the hardest, let me know who I can come to in any situation. I see that my parents have completely changed: their confusion about my future education has greatly increased, they have offered me a bunch of times to leave after the 9th grade for college or even for another direction, but I still went to study further in the 10th and did not lag behind the profession I was interested in, having gone through the hardening of myself.

    I sit here on The Question(and not only that), read more and more topics here, try to understand what I need to prepare for, what my life is suitable for, what all the people around me were preparing for. I look back and see that I was taken care of with special care and affection, not forgetting to raise me with a whip and a whip. And I can't be offended by all those people who once did evil to me, it doesn't matter to me anymore. All this was to give me a foundation, to make it easier for me to really start living, and I am not afraid of the difficult and difficult life as it is described, but I am afraid of disappointing my loved ones.

    This is my stage of life when I have to become a kind of ready-made person with my own worldview, with my own views and opinions, free from stereotypes mind. This is not a transitional or existential period, this is just the beginning, and this is already the present. And I don't want to deceive myself that it will be easy and I don't want to force myself that it will get worse. And let everyone who reads my text-remember yourself at the end of school, who he was and who he became. And if you are confused in the current segment of life, then let him remember what he went through, what he has not yet achieved, and by what means he is able to do it.

    That's all my conclusions, briefly, unintelligibly, and even childishly. But it's still starting 😉

  2. On some kind of transition. I don't feel like an adult, but I realize I'm not even 13 anymore. Let's say that this is not the brightest period in my life, but my global problem has helped me in my relationships with people. Previously, when I saw angry / aggressive people who could somehow say something rude to me, I was touched to the core of my soul and went around thinking what right they have to take it out on me at all. It really hurt me. Now I understand that all this is not just like that. There is always a reason, and sometimes its root is so deep that the person himself can not cope, can not suppress this surge of aggression, because it will be another drop of poison for him. This attitude makes life much easier for me personally. They'll say something nasty to me on the trolley, I'll think, yes, it's bad for him, and it's bad for me, we're not the happiest right now, and I'll forget. Previously, I would have spent the rest of the day thinking about this incident.

  3. I'm currently in my final year of uni. I study in a technical scientific specialty with a lot of achievements, publications, and even a patent. Now I'm thinking about going to do a grant from my student at uni, or go to another person at the Research Institute (called). The bottom line is that I really want to apply for a PhD abroad. And I choose here between what would most strongly give credibility to my application.�

    I suffer with English because I didn't really learn it before, but now I want to successfully pass the IELTS academic test for a high score, so I turn into it. Although this certificate is not required at the university where I want to go (only recommended), but I understand that Hindus and Chinese people with pure English will be thrown there now,and then they will take me for figs.

    I am afraid that my research assistant, who claims that I will stay with him in graduate school, will react negatively to my idea of leaving. I would prefer not to inform them at all, but these applications for admission require a supervisor's recommendation. And then I just hope I don't get dumped with her.

    I studied my future prospects and realized that I almost didn't have any. There, after successfully completing the PhD, you must either somehow get a job in production (while having only a residence permit), or remain a postdoc for 3 years. And the chance that it is you who will be hired for the rate of a professor in a university is 1 in 100 because there are a lot of people who want pts, but there are very few places. It will take too little time for citizenship, even if you add a phd+postdoc, so most likely I will have to get married for convenience, or look for some loopholes.

    On the other hand, in Russia there is a growing shortage of personnel in science, and here you can become a professional at least by the age of 30, but there will be so little money that even in your entire life of work you will not be able to earn an apartment in a multi-storey ghetto (and this at today's prices). Grants can somehow help in this matter, but not the fact that I will always win them, but I always want to live in a warm place and eat. At the production site, a pzdc is being created with salaries for engineers at the level of a Tajik janitor. And there are no connections to sit in some warm place with a good salary and the opportunity to be content with the budget.

    In general, everything is cool. In this life, the place of birth or the social status of parents decides. And I didn't have any luck with either)

    I look with a smile at the reasoning of schoolchildren in this matter, although I was just as naive at their age.

  4. At the stage of growing up. Recently, I realized that it doesn't matter if I succeed (in business, school, or relationships) or not, it doesn't matter. What matters is whether a person has the internal resources to work on themselves to achieve this goal. If there are no resources, if a person is so lazy that even the thought of action is afraid, so cowardly that he runs away from any work, and so deaf and dumb in life-Then nothing will save here, it doesn't matter whether the task is feasible or not, for such a person it is impossible to do exactly.

    And so, first of all, you need not think about whether it will be possible or not to become a good musician/housewife/actress? This is not a question of whether it will work, it is a question of who is asking what? Sloth porshivets, or daredevil veselchak. And you definitely need to try to be the kind of person who will succeed in everything, because he puts his heart and brain into it.

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