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  1. Modern man himself is able to decide how to spend his priceless and irreplaceable time. Therefore, when a modern person takes out a smartphone and clicks on the icon of a social network with his own finger, or on the button of the TV remote control, there is no need to say that someone is “stealing” something from him at this moment. Modern man has a sufficiently developed brain to be able to be responsible for his own actions, and not to shift responsibility to some inanimate “thieves”or ” scoundrels”.

    And yes, will someone ever clearly explain to me why social networks are considered something “bad”? What could be dumber and useless than socializing, reading news and articles, watching movies and TV shows? Whether it's a matter of seeds to husk and weeds to pull!

  2. No, guys! How can we blame theft on what we spend our time voluntarily-the Internet, information?

    No one and nothing forces us to spend time on them, throw out the TV, �computer, smartphone and be happy ))

    There are some things that we have to do on average per day: 8 hours – sleep, 8 hours-work+travel, 4 hours-maintenance of our body (needs) and caring for others… And information, food for the mind and soul-this is just what it is worth doing all of the above.

  3. Social system and mortality – soc.the system requires that not everyone follows the necessary rules. Maintenance and support of the body also takes time.

  4. Read this, especially if you are very BUSY!
    Satan called a world congress of demons.
    In his opening speech, he said: “We cannot ban Christians from going to church. We can't stop them from reading the Bible. We cannot forbid them to communicate with God in Prayer. As soon as they establish a connection with God, we immediately lose power over them. So let them go to their churches, but we will steal their time, so that they are always BUSY-they will not be able to pray and repent of their sins and develop their relationship with God.” “You must prevent them from entering into communion with God and maintaining that connection throughout the day.” “How do we do this?” The demons screamed. “Keep them busy with nothing and think of many ways to occupy their minds with all sorts of unnecessary things. And most importantly, inspire them with the desire for material benefits and enrichment. Let them be imbued with the desire to earn as much money as possible and buy themselves cars, apartments, cottages. Let them earn more and more money to go to restaurants and cafes, to buy expensive, fashionable clothes, to make expensive repairs in apartments and to furnish them with fashionable furniture. Tempt them to spend, spend and borrow, borrow, take out multi-year loans and thus fall into the Bondage of Banks. And when they are fired up with desire – personal enrichment, the pursuit of money – they will no longer need God… Convince their wives to stay at work, and their husbands to work 6-7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day, so that they do not have time to deal with their families and raise their
    children. Do not let them spend time with their children, so that their children hang out on the street from morning to night and make friends with bad campaigns, then they will stop learning and nothing good will come of them. Then their families will fall apart and they will become lonely, and we will help them get drunk out of grief. Stimulate their minds beyond measure so that the televisions and computers in their homes are always running, and they spend as much time as possible at the TV and computer and they will not have time to pray. Make sure that every store and restaurant in the world is constantly playing non-Christian music. This will block their minds and destroy their unity with God. Spread out a lot of magazines and newspapers on the tables in the cafe.
    Bombard their minds with news and ads 24 hours a day. Let them see a sea of billboards along the way. Fill their mailboxes with ads, mail-order catalogs, newsletters, and offers of free products, services, and false hopes. Show skinny, pretty models in magazines and on TV, so that their husbands will believe that external beauty is the most important thing and become dissatisfied with their wives. Make sure their wives are too tired to love their husbands. If they don't give their husbands the love they need,
    their husbands will start looking elsewhere for it. This will quickly destroy their
    families! Distract them with festive fuss,
    TV concerts, and drunken feasts, so that they don't
    teach their children the true meaning of religious holidays.
    Even if they come back from vacation tired.
    Make sure that they are always BUSY to go to
    nature and admire God's creation. Instead, send
    them to amusement parks, sporting events, games,
    concerts, and movies. And may all Christians live forever
    Flood their lives with so many good things that they don't have time to seek strength from God. Soon they will live and work on their own,
    sacrificing their health and their families for their business and money.
    This will work! It was a great plan! The devils were happy to go on a mission, forcing Christians everywhere to get busier and hurry back and forth, leaving less time for God, for prayer, and for their families.
    The question is, did the devil succeed
    in his plan?
    You are the judge!

  5. Distorted Reality most of all consumes our time, and we distort it with lies and we have not even been taught to correct and repent for the sin of distorting Reality, but it begins to kill, first on the spiritual plane, then on the psychic(soul) and then if we do not purify it in our physical world by killing both our time and health, success, life, this process can generally be diverse. Those who have more power and if they become unintelligent, then they create a lot of distortions that kill, so people need to look at how much each person is friends with Reality before giving it power.

  6. Well, consider studying most of all, since we study all our lives, then I think there is work and then the Internet

    🙎 ♂ ️I have nothing more to say done done

  7. I agree with the answers below , but it seems to me that all this can be described in two words – an overabundance of information. It is the overabundance of information from all sides , not by itself, that takes up our time.

  8. Of course, the Internet and social networks. They take up a whole lot of time and completely unnoticed. Worse than alcohol and drugs — at least it was recognized as a disease, as opposed to

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