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  1. I used to sleepwalk a couple of times when I was a kid. The first time (I remember it vaguely, but my parents told me later) I went into the living room and pulled out a linen tablecloth from under the oilcloth that covered it. I didn't move the salt shaker. The tablecloth was carefully draped over the back of a chair.

  2. once a thousand times, half asleep, she poured tea and coffee into a cup at once, brushed her teeth with shaving cream, and left the house in home slippers. And once my mother woke me up very early during the holidays and I involuntarily burst out: “Well, hula?!”

  3. One winter, after a long walk, the whole family fell asleep. We woke up to the phone ringing, the phone receiver was in my room. I go to the table, pick up the glass sharpener, go to the hallway and hand it to my mother.

    Me: – Mom, sharpener.

    Mother: – Varya, the phone is ringing!

    Me: – Well, sharpener!

    Mom: – the phone is ringing, bring it!

    Me: – Mom, well sharpener!

    Mom: – why do I need a sharpener, the phone is ringing!

    The phone stopped ringing, and I sat down on the couch, offended. I sat there for five minutes and resented my mother , but I couldn't figure out why. And then my mother comes into my room, holds out her hand and says:

    – Var, sharpener.

  4. I was talking to a phone that had alarm mode turned on.�

    before that, I postponed the alarm several times and:

    “well, that's it, I've already realized that you like this song, stop it already.”

    my daughter, who was watching the process, laughed for a long time )

  5. For some time we lived with friends in odnushke, respectively, all slept and lived in the same room. According to them, I suddenly sat up in bed in the middle of the night, argued with someone in French for a long time and loudly, actively gesturing (at that moment I was just learning the language), then apparently argued again and lay back down satisfied.

  6. When my mother woke me up, I abruptly opened my eyes and said clearly:: “Put the scalpel back in its place, you see, the leg is covered in slime” and then fell asleep, curled up in a ball with:

  7. A friend said sleepily-Podcherpni me and go fuck yourself. That's what you want, so understand it. Then, of course, I couldn't explain what she meant)

  8. “Why can't you just take the subway?”

    I don't remember where or why I had to go so early.

    And most importantly, why you can't take the metro!

  9. One night my sister gets out of bed, opens her eyes, and says: “I probably won't buy anything right now, okay?” I say, ” Okay.”

  10. I put the kettle on in the morning and went to the bathroom, when I returned about 5 minutes later, I found that it was cold and the gas was burning under a completely different burner. After hanging out for a while, I couldn't think of anything better to do than put the kettle on the fire, then put it out and light the hotplate where the kettle was before, and then go back on business. As a result, I was late for pairs that day:)

  11. I had a dream about Pasha Volya that night and when I woke up, I said to the guy lying next to me: “Pasha Volya called, said that he was offended that I didn't come to his stand-up. Talk to him, eh? ” and went back to sleep.

    Once, during a phone call, I had to say something to keep the conversation going in order to pretend that I wasn't asleep. The first thing I heard after a two-minute sleep was “pink”, so I was like, ” Julia said that a pink iPhone is bullshit, but I want it, it's cool.” As it turned out, it wasn't about iPhones at the time.

    As a child, my grandmother used to wake me up at school, and I heard “Bogdan, leave me alone,” and then we had a conversation about why Bogdan should have left me alone.

    In the dorm, a neighbor woke up in pairs and there was such a dialogue:

    Me: – There's a cap.

    Neighbor: – What kind of cap?

    Me: – Well, there… Under the bed.

    Neighbor: – Kristin, there is no cap here…

    Here I break down and with alarm in my voice: – How not?!

  12. He said a lot of things, but I remember only one trash. I got a call while I was sleeping, and when I asked where I could be found at this point in time, the answer came from my side: “I'm sitting in a cafe with a hockey player friend, trying to sell him speakers that are sewn into the form so that he can listen to music during training.” We still laugh when we remember such blatant nonsense

  13. Cool question 🙂
    One day, his father woke him up at school, grabbed his hand and started shaking him: “where is the crystal? Where is krstiall!?”. He: “what the hell kind of crystal?”. I: “Instructions from the bomb”. And then go back to sleep.

  14. I was trying to brush my teeth with a razor.

    I brewed tea, but not with standard salt, but with semolina, I got confused when I was half asleep, what to put in the sugar bowl.�

    I jumped out of bed and ran into the wall. The wall wouldn't let me get very far.�

    I ran out in a hurry for couples at 4 in the morning, because it seemed to my sleepy brain that it was now 9.�

    This is for the last year. As you can see, I'm clearly not a lark…

  15. When I was little, I fell asleep on the couch in the gym. My dad picked me up to carry me to bed, and I opened one eye and said, ” I'm sorry.: “Put the bread back.” And he put me back down

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