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  1. If you want to teach other people, then why can't you realize that

    a) There are many pedagogical universities! And in different countries! Which one do you like?

    b) They teach not only teachers, who do you want to be?

    c) A teacher? Like what? Do you think you need to take computer science to become a biology teacher? What kind of profile do you want?

    d) Maybe you should even go to college? Then there may well be their own internal exams and a certificate taken into account.

    e) If you answered the questions above, then use Google: what is the difficulty of Googling the university / college you want to go to, the specialty you want, and then in the section for applicants to view the list of entrance tests?

  2. It all depends heavily on the direction you are applying for, it is better to look at the website of universities, but as a rule, the most common subjects are mathematics, Russian and social studies =)

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