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  1. There is one magic secret to how to” get ” a person to respond to your message – call them by their first name. Preferably with a question.

    For example, Kat? Alexander? Sergey Pavlovich?

    The sound and spelling of one's own name have a magical effect on people. Call out Sasha on the street! And you will immediately see who Anton is here))

  2. Wow, it turns out other people play questions too. :)I've been using the exchange of questions with some rules as a communication tool since I was a teenager. And I sincerely do not consider this manipulation, in my opinion, a “completely legitimate” way to get to know a person better, find out what they are interested in in you and your life, talk about topics that are immediately difficult to touch on, and generally catch on with languages (yes, in the context of the story with the kiss, a funny phrase 🙂 ).

    If someone had asked me to play вопросы questions first, I would have been thrilled.

    At some point in my life, I decided not to go too far with the initiative, because it is very frustrating if you start thinking that you need it more than the second party. So for the most part, I either just offer communication, respond to suggestions, or try to create the conditions in which it will naturally begin.

    But, there are techniques that allow me to push the case if I feel or suspect that the person also wants to communicate, but, like me, reacts strongly to social awkwardness: 1.�offer to share something funny/pleasant/thematic on social networks� – if a person throws you a funny picture, and you answer him a few words about what you think about it, then sooner or later it turns into a dialogue; 2. invite someone to go out with a group or come to a holiday�- a one-on-one meeting sometimes�is perceived too intimately, and you can easily get lost in a group, you can not communicate directly, you can leave early if you don't like it, you can bring +1 with you; and then, when you get to know each other and have mutual acquaintances, communication can go easier; 3. invite them to meet with a specific goal or topic of discussion – it's just easier than meeting about nothing; 4. create a field of common activity, i.e. group or joint hobby – it is important that you really want to do this, and communication will be a good bonus; 5. well, the game of questions, of course.

  3. In my opinion, the best way to “encourage” a person to communicate with you is to be an interesting and easy person, not to impose. If you, as indicated in the question, will flood anyone with messages for three days, then on the fourth day they are unlikely to want to write to you, they will rather be happy to get rid of the annoying interlocutor. You can write something once and on business, friendly and polite, and communication, if you are sympathetic to the person, then it will easily go on by itself.

    There is no way to “force” someone to like you. But during the first acquaintance, for example, you can try to create a good impression of yourself: be confident, do not speak out radically about anything, try to maintain a conversation and listen to the interlocutor. If you find some common interests and, for example, come up with some joint business for the future, your connection will not be cut off.

    In general, the best advice in this regard is to try to be interesting and necessary to yourself, others feel it and appreciate it.

  4. Do not bother a person with your emails, text messages, and even more calls. If a person wants to, he will call or write to them. Otherwise, you can only awaken a sense of anger in him

  5. No. I just communicate sincerely, tell you what I care about, discuss topics and see if the person is interested or not. I try to listen empathetically and discuss what excites and interests the other person. Imho the main thing is to give a consistent connection and not be afraid to be sincere and natural. If a person gets high, he will communicate.

  6. Have empathy for this person. If you are genuinely interested in his life, he will immediately reach out to you.

    As for online communication, keep an open dialog with a transfer for the next day and an interesting hook question.

  7. Initially, the key to success: choose the right person based on their interests. If the person is primitive or just doesn't match their interests, it will be difficult, and not necessary.

    If you have common interests, for example, both of you are interested in some hobby, then you can create many situations where you can tell a lot of information in a veiled way to attract interest without obsession.

  8. I still play with new friends in the association. Moreover, the word needs to tell a life story that is associated with this word.

    But, as already mentioned, if a person does not want to communicate, then the dialogue will not work.

  9. you can get to the bottom of anyone, ask what they say, and look at their reaction… and it already becomes clear whether it is worth continuing a conversation with him or her at all… and by the way, many especially ladies are happy when you start talking to them… because they can't say the first word themselves 🙂

  10. It all depends on the purpose of communication. Fill up text messages for 3 days so that when you meet, you can see each other and understand that you already know so much about each other… and then it will be boring.
    You already know everything, only there are pitfalls. But with them, it is not a fact that you will last long. To attract a person, you should be interested in him, and not immediately into the pool. Develop topics even the most stupid, because it's interesting to see the reaction. The physical side of the coin is also interesting in its own way, but it is better to leave it intriguing. Therefore, if you liked a person and you want mutual sympathy from them, then be yourself. Feel free to make different decisions. Write crazy text messages. The main thing is to be confident in yourself and everything will be good.

  11. The most effective methods go unnoticed when those who use them rely on the principles we have described. If the other person realizes that you are trying to steer them in one direction or another without their knowledge, they will not only fail to do what you want them to do, but they will also distrust you.

    Among all the many existing techniques, we will present you the most famous ones… and effective. They look childish (and for good reason!), but they make it easier to achieve your goal. They can be combined or chained together. By experimenting with these methods, you will be able to experience their power in practice and understand when they are used against you.

  12. Just start at the very beginning say hi what's your name and answer his very questions you will become best friends, Imre friend writes first and then I start writing

  13. 1) “Closer-further” is kind of the name of this technique.
    2) There is also the “rule of three yes's” (this is understandable, I think so), “ask for more” ( so that you are not refused, ask for more first. For example, 5 tons.( knowing that you will be refused), and then 1, the person will already be embarrassed to refuse, and in comparison 5 to 1. .
    Ask for something that he definitely won't do. If you get rejected ,you get someone who feels obligated to you.
    If you want a person to warm up to you, ask them for something small,but what they will give( a pen), when a person shares something with you, they will warm up to you.

    Rock-paper-scissors= ask a personal question. Most people will start thinking about it and show you the scissors.
    Swing technique, but it takes a long time to write(
    In general, learn NLP techniques)

  14. In order for a person to communicate with you, you must at least be an erudite and interesting conversationalist. You need to find common ground and then try to get the person interested. And it doesn't hurt to have some charisma! A charismatic person attracts people a mile away!

  15. I don't use any secret methods – I periodically ask the other person questions, focusing my attention on them, so that they understand that they are interested in them

  16. I'm really good at it. Being around me, I begin to tell myself something very sincere and truthful and necessarily interesting to the interlocutor. He listens, listens and at one point begins to share his experience, then I understand that I need to shut up and calm down. The person became interested. it turned out.

  17. Hello, maybe this is ipomozhet well, I haven't been, 2 days can touch to do intimacy with a person then for 2 days to pretend that you forgot it so 6 days in a row

  18. There should be a spark, and then you can get to know each other better. Do not throw yourself on the neck immediately,it can scare the person away. Be a friend.A person should bring positivity to relationships and joy, then you will always be needed!

  19. You should just read about emotional swings. But I would not use such a technique. Unless you're afraid of manipulation. I don't think you should fill up with messages at all.

  20. First you need to throw a fishing rod and see how it will bite or not .To do this, just send the word hello.If you say hi, then you don't mind communicating.So he doesn't want to start flirting with you.

  21. It is interesting for a person to talk about “his beloved”! So start praising (not flattering) and asking how he did it! Through interest and praise, any door in communication opens.

  22. Yes, everything is very simple you need to become interesting to a person and then you will get rid of him), but to become interesting is simple, you need to listen and hear (you must hear not one, but all two of your ears for that there are two of them:) ) We all want understanding, and once we get it, we become addicted to it.

    The topic is really big, but I think it's already clear.

  23. Oh, good question, while everyone was playing questions, I was playing Truth or Dare. The bottom line is that in addition to tricky questions, you can still have a good laugh at a person who writes to someone that he wants to buy socks from him or something.

  24. There is no general answer to this question. By person – and means of manipulation. To me, by analogy with the flow of messages, the imposed advertising is a reason to refuse the goods / services offered by it. Someone vtyuh ripples in the eyes-the most it.

  25. Why impose your communication on anyone ? It's humiliating, isn't it ? Why not find someone who will communicate with you, feeling sincere interest in you ? Or maybe I don't understand something ?

  26. And why should I force a person to communicate if they don't want to? I advise you to spit it out and find something more interesting to do than fill up with messages. If the other person is not interested in you in principle, they will only be happy when you leave them behind in 3 days. And who is interested, he will write it himself. A game with questions or Truth or Action was offered to me somehow, but when this is a completely unfamiliar person, then such games cause terrible discomfort, there is no desire to open up to an outsider!

  27. Once I also thought that manipulation is good and effective. But no. All these tips and tactics in the style of “He took one step back, and you take two!” build unhealthy relationships, where someone is clearly manipulating someone. As old-fashioned as it may sound, the answer to your question is keen interest. If there is one, then communication will be easy, and forcing someone to communicate, well, such a thing, to be honest)

  28. I do not use any techniques at all, if a person is interested in listening to me and I am interested in him, then there is mutual sympathy, and communication turns by itself, and I am not used to manipulating people.

  29. Well, I would start by asking him how he was doing, and how he was doing ,then I suggested that he play truth or dare 😂 😂I know what's stupid then he would go out on the street and that's it 😛

  30. In fact, if a person doesn't start communicating by himself and doesn't answer questions in a detailed way, then he simply doesn't need your communication. It is better to focus on the people who need it.

    But if you want to communicate with this particular person, then you need to create a need for yourself) there is no such universal method here. Each case is different. But this method often works: you need to understand what topic a person cares about. It's a topic that he definitely won't open up about even with many of his friends. And to open up on this topic with him yourself. This topic will excite the feelings of a person and it will be interesting for them to talk about your revelation. And it is quite possible, having felt how much you trust him, he will begin to open up himself.

  31. I show who I am with all my jokes, show that I am interested in communicating with him. Everything is sincere, but I don't impose myself and many people like me for this. And I never tell people about problems, because everyone has enough of their own. Everything should be easy and fun

  32. I write for several days without much pressure, trying to encourage the other person to talk. I throw out any videos or articles and ask him for his opinion. Not many people can resist speaking out about something.

    Just do not let the person understand that you are acting according to the scheme. This is terribly annoying. And try not to overdo it, trying to impress the interlocutor, otherwise you will look like a peacock with a fluffed tail, proving how much cooler you are in the question than he is. And don't go to extremes at all.:)

    Over time, the other person will get used to you, will be willing to answer and allocate time for you. You will slowly begin to say to yourself, “Oh! He would have liked that. I need to tell you.”

    But I never tried to get a particular person to communicate with me. Usually, if the above advice does not help, then we can not be friends, even if we have to communicate further, and the person is very good.

  33. I don't know how this coincided with Chester Kane's answer (or is it so obvious?), but I also once suggested playing the game “Unexpected Questions”. The more unexpected, the better. By the way, no one refused)) The main rule: you can't say “I don't know/ I don't remember”, even in principle you can pick up on it, if the direct question catches you off guard. You can enter a rule: 1 chance to reject a question (optional).

    As a rule, the questions are not so provocative, although in principle personal. For example: what is your biggest fear? best memory of the last year? what was the last time you cried? Your biggest shame?

    Where can I get the topics of questions? Haha, TQ will help you from the section “Psychology”, “Relationships” and so on)) Well, or what comes to mind that you are interested in learning about a person.

    Usually such a game is very entertaining, a person can open up from an unexpected side. At least this is more interesting than the banal “how are you”;)

  34. Play questions with the person. One girl offered, taking even on a weak pier everyone quickly refuses. As a result, we played for several days, the questions became more personal, and when we first met, it felt like we had known each other for a long time. It also came to the kiss at the same time. Treacherous women

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