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  1. Mastrids

    Durov's code

    Just Reid It

    Million-dollar books

    I also read Pavel Durov's official account in Russian and English. He rarely writes, but it's interesting.

  2. I often hang out in Telegram. I mostly read channels about movies, self-development, and psychology.

    I'll make up the top 10, I advise everyone:

    1. KING SAYS – articles about correct speech or public speaking. How to speak in such a way as to manage people and yourself, not to fail a public speech, and put your voice up.

    2. Aboutmovie – articles, reviews, tops of popular movies, author's opinions and just news of the film industry.

    3. Freedom of Mind – articles about modernity, human resources, and power. It will be useful for any thinking person. Or just someone who wants to be aware of the real state of affairs in society and the state.

    4. Movies & Books in English – for those who have long been looking for a free resource with movies and books in English.

    5. Etiquette. Be an example. – about proper interaction with people, self-management, and the habits of successful people.

    6. Secrets of consciousness-helps you understand yourself, trace the motives of your own and others ' actions. Articles on psychology, useful attitudes.

    7. Evening session – a brief description of the film and a link to it. Convenient to choose and watch.

    • Evening Session / Doc – best documentaries.
    1. Big Festival – film festivals, premieres presented at them, news. For true movie lovers.

    2. Reading – fiction, mostly classics, with download links.

    3. English online-your favorite language learning channel. A lot of phrasal verbs, idioms, videos with songs and translations, movies in the original, explanations from the rules (often about the correct use of prepositions), stories.

  3. I'll write down everything I have. I don't know how this will help you or if it will be interesting. I read/watch, I like it.

    • pussy power-near-freckled gifs
    • Mol-articles about psychology and all sorts of arguments�
    • Verbal inquisition – the girl writes all sorts of things, but, unlike ordinary bloggers, she has very ornate expressions, it is clear that the person reads a lot
    • Spelling and idiomarketing, over-the-counter marketing – public channels from VK (stupid advertising and printing with errors like installment points)
    • Cat in a yellow knitted hat-public channel from VK (memes-memasiki)
    • Design porn – cool design stuff
    • How does this translate, uvak? – public channel from VK (english)
    • Hedgehog – any trash like news about Kemerovo
    • Wow wallpaper-wallpapers
    • wtfashion?! – fashion news
    • Stalingulag�
    • Solar Storm – news/opinions/comments
    • English for Morons
    • Duran
    • Alexander Kon MEDIA
    • Wheeze (Harry Axe)
    • Flibusta Book-a bot for finding books that can be downloaded immediately
    • Odnoklassniki branch – public channel from VK
    • Ten Tackles-graphic designer's channel

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