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  1. IMHO The idea that anything is happening may be just a guess. Any conclusion can be just an assumption that has no extremely reliable justification. It is possible that a person is simply in a position in which any emphasis of his attention on any object initially does not give him the opportunity to determine/feel the fullness of the content being studied. By delineating something with boundaries in the nameless mass of the unknown and labeling it “Everything”, you make it inaccessible to the utmost understanding. A characteristic like “happening/not happening” is also just an idea, a way of describing it, which acts as an independent object, and any object is always just an assumption, because the unknown always includes everything that a person knows plus something else that is not known to him, this parameter is present by default. The unknown is simply present in everything we supposedly know. Thus, true knowledge of something always remains outside of what we know. There are elements in your question that cannot fully explain themselves (“Everything”, “Happening”). And this is the peculiarity of a person-to try to explain everything through dialectics, to describe everything in words and concepts. However, from this point of view, all concepts are empty, so is your question (just a phrase), and it is impossible to answer it accurately and reliably. The answer to this question is also found in an area that we cannot cover. The reason why everything is as it is is easier to accept as unknowable, accepting the limitations of your mind in this matter, and then learn to live with it, and even more, learn to live with it, to be it! Good luck!

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