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  1. Good afternoon.

    Two of my friends told me that one day they started to sink. When they realized that the matter was over, the first thought was: “What will mom think ? How upset she'll be.”

  2. It seems that they are different-it depends on how a person evaluates themselves and their life. These can be thoughts of gratitude for what was-or regret for what was or was not due to the fault of the person himself. There's a good video on YouTube where old people talk about their 10 biggest regrets – an eloquent example of such thoughts.

  3. A great question , of course, is fear, pain, and in the last seconds just your whole life flies in your mind and before your eyes.Then a flash and peace.

  4. If you have thoughts of impending doom, then a scribe has come to you… If people don't think anything in such cases, they start to see. See everything at once without a logical chain. They see all the options in a split second. They see solutions, they become as if not what they were. And if in such cases such people still die, then they launch an intention that will definitely be fulfilled, because there was a worthy exchange, your life.

  5. When I try to remember when I was facing certain death and seriously thought about death, only one ridiculous case comes to mind. I was about 13 years old, I spent the summer in the village and came to a girl friend in a neighboring village. She treated me to vegetables from the garden, and we talked and laughed. At some point, she started deliberately making me laugh, you know, not with humor, but with all sorts of stupid things. It got to the point where I ran into another room with a tomato in my mouth and didn't have time to finish chewing it. But she got carried away and found me there, giggling like a fool. I begged her to stop, but in vain. Well, I couldn't help myself, I took a deep breath to laugh, and the tomato got into the airway (or, say, in the other throat). I began to choke. I went back to the kitchen, turned on the tap, thinking that I would push it with water, and made inhuman noises. I remember thinking, ” Seriously?! Am I going to die LIKE THIS?”. I was very angry, furious with helplessness, stomping my feet, not understanding: I'm trying to get rid of it, so why can't I?

    In the end, at that moment, her parents returned, and my mother quite calmly reasoned that Nastenka had such a thing when she was a child, I turned her upside down. I leaned down to the floor, got a tap on the back,and coughed up the unfortunate vegetable. Almost immediately, I started apologizing for my tantrum and dirty floor, then I was slightly offended by Nastya and still treat tomatoes with suspicion.

  6. I went in a minibus about 4 years ago. November evening. It rained all day,and by evening it was freezing. As a result, turning in the pocket of the minibus began to twist around its axis and became on two wheels. So we rolled straight into a truck standing at a traffic light. Thoughts in my head mostly: fuck how so-and-so. That's what will happen at the very end, I'll die in a stinking gazelle. I was sure it was the finish line,because I was sitting in the front and I would have been the one who would have been hit. I do not know what happened next. But somehow we stopped half a meter away. Shaken, of course, but still alive. I walked home that night

  7. Everyone has self-preservation OR intuition .If there is danger, then the heart starts pounding in a different way and a sense of danger appears . But I don't know where self-storage comes from. But it warns you . I've had several of them in my life, and more than once. And interestingly, when I stopped myself, everything happened . BUT NO LONGER SOMNOI AND STEMI WHO DID NOT PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT fell under the distribution. And I was told THAT I WAS A COWARD.

  8. Examples of thoughts:

    1. Bl…. e…..
    2. Where's my phone, you need to remove it…
    3. Hell, who's going to pick up a child from kindergarten today?…
    4. Well… so she should bury me… well, maybe it's for the best…
    5. I told you I was sick… and they didn't believe me…
    6. What a ridiculous death….
    7. God.. please… not necessary… I swear not to sin again…
    8. So I went to the bakery…
  9. When the parachute does not open, we always know what to do at that moment. There is no such thing that the whole life flashed before my eyes. We don't think about death. After all, in the process of preparation, it becomes clear how to act in a particular situation. In the event of a parachute failure, we control the altitude, and we have two options: disconnect the main parachute system that is not working and activate another parachute system, or enter the reserve parachute system without disconnecting the main one. Thinking about death can be either amateurs, or people who are not prepared for the situation that has arisen.

  10. Once we got stuck in the Yakut tundra in winter, cars rarely drive in those parts. There is no connection, the cold is fierce, it is snowing and burying the road deeper and deeper. There was no point in walking, because the nearest village was 120 km away. A couple of days we tried to rescue the car from the snow captivity, but to no avail. I was angry that I was a moron and went to these parts, somehow I was tired and didn't let me think, I was humbled or something, that if I didn't get out, I would lie down in the snow and fall asleep. Fortunately, the all-terrain vehicle passed through and reached us to the village.

  11. Once I took a scooter off a bridge in the jungle and fell off a cliff; I don't remember the moment when I flew off it, but a second later I saw a moped flying over me I remember thinking only ” * * your mother!!!”

  12. You get used to the state of “a hair's breadth from death” instantly, in seconds — with this state of danger, you are on your own. When there was a coup at the White House in Moscow in ' 93, they shot at the crowd – after the sniper's turn, everyone ducked, removed the wounded, straightened up, but no one ran anywhere – they got used to it, and I got used to it. You calculate everything, and when you are on the verge of death, you immediately understand which option to choose – B or C-and work on it.�

    It looks like you're a hero, but in reality everything is trivial-although the adrenaline is off the charts, and after that the vodka is sweet,and the cigarette is not the last.

  13. I've never answered any questions on this site. But I decided to answer this one. I'm telling you.

    It was at the age of 8, while vacationing with my mother at the sea, I ran to the pool without her asking. After looking at the water, it seemed to me that there was “Knee-deep water”, and so I jumped into the pool(there was a lifeguard nearby who was not clear what he was doing, and several people) I realized that it was very deep(except for how I could barely pull out my eyes). I started to drown,I couldn't shout a single word, the most terrible panic began. And in general, I realized that the moment of hopelessness had come. And then the panic ended, and som thoughts began.�

    So that's what my thoughts were.

    I realized that I was going to die, and I started repeating to myself

    • Well, goodbye to life, it was nice, I remembered small episodes from life, and everything froze in place, as if I could no longer think, and I plunged into “Perdition”.

    For some reason, I didn't have any thoughts about life after death.

  14. I was drowning,got caught in a whirlpool,panicked in my thoughts that I saw people on the shore ,but I didn't even have the strength to shout for help,and then I thought that only someone on a boat would save me and I was measured turned over on my back and lay down when I was just saving up my strength turned over and the fishermen

  15. When I stumbled, while falling, my life seemed to fly before my eyes. I thought about the value of life, family, what death is, that I'm about to meet him. I remembered the beautiful moments that make me happier. I remembered my friends and classmates, and tears began to fall. I wasn't sad, knowing that I had lived a great life and was ready to accept my end. Then I was only 13 years old, I know I was a schoolboy, but when you understand that the last hour of your life will soon come, then philosophical thoughts climb on their own.

    Since then, not a little time has passed, having overestimated my life, I began to appreciate every beautiful moment of it and do good to others.So appreciate life and don't push your wish to tomorrow, because it may not come…

  16. Indeed, some straight storytellers gathered). If you are thinking about further actions or that you will break your typewriter, then this is not the case when you realize that you are finished, or you do not appreciate everything that is happening around you. When such cases occur, I naturally feel fear,I have a lot of questions in my head: how,why, what will happen next?does life end here,but what about friends, relatives, children, parents, how they will be without me,what will become of them, ..and where will I go?..

  17. Depending on the cause of death. Many people, I'm sure, think “just to avoid pain.” A suicidal person may think: “life is really beautiful, and all problems are solved”

  18. I am sure that a person thinks about the same things as when he was alive: about children, or about millions, or that everyone is to blame,or that God is waiting for him. At the moment of death, there is a concentration of experiences.

  19. In the summer of 2005, I fell in one of the local long-term buildings from the fifth floor into the elevator shaft. It was night, so I couldn't see anything at all during the fall. Seconds in total darkness and whistling in my ears.

    Surprisingly, time seems to slow down. The drop seems to last about 6 seconds. During this time, my life really seemed to fly before my eyes with some insignificant pictures – something from my distant childhood, and then – mostly the events of the past day. I never believed in it, I thought it was a myth and a primitive cinematic device, but this happened to me too. Something similar to the realization that “wow, it turns out that this really happens” also happened, but all this happens in a split second, so of course it doesn't seem like the usual thoughts.

    However, the most striking thing was the realization that, it seems… everything. And there was a nagging feeling of pity from the series: “damn, I'm only 18…”

    Then the moment of falling. I didn't feel any pain at all, just a very strong ringing in my head, so strong that it felt like it was otherworldly. I guess I was either passed out or just in shock for a little while, and then when I realized that I was already downstairs and seemed to be alive, but I couldn't see anything around me… something like universal moral fatigue appeared. I do not know what is wrong with me, what injuries I have, whether I will survive, I can't see or feel my body and yet I am alive, so I have to fight for my life, call for help, and there is no strength for this when you have already said goodbye to yourself. Surprisingly, there was no joy that I realized that I was alive, only fatigue. Some kind of peace came in the morning, when I was in intensive care and began to feel my body-everything started to hurt. And I thought it was wonderful to see the sunrise through the window and feel my body.

    Here is a photo of this very house, made this spring https://pp.vk.me/c629518/v629518353/3d45/bF06gWraBA4.jpg

    By the way, everything went just fine. I had three broken ribs, a concussion, a lot of bruising, and an injury to my right elbow. When I was in the hospital, doctors called me cat and came to see me from other departments.

    Less than a year later, I was hit by a car. It was a sunny day, and I only had time to see the shiny elements of the car in the sunlight. Then I hit it, then hit the asphalt a couple of times… It was as if there were no thoughts at all. Only this shiny hood I dreamed about for several months afterwards. Consciousness seems to have photographed exactly this picture – a brilliant element approaching at lightning speed. I got off with a concussion and multiple bruises. There was a smashed face, but overall nothing serious.

  20. I had a breakdown at the beginning of my mountaineering activity, when I had only worked out for a year and was climbing 1B category of difficulty. And on the descent on the cat was hanging snow. I rolled over 2-3 times and successfully delayed myself. I don't think I really had any thoughts at that time, but for the rest of my life it gave me a clear signal that I needed to calculate every step. There were still some difficult moments when, for example, we were on Mount Everest in 1995 — with the team we went to 8,300 meters, but we didn't find a tent, and, of course, we went to such a height without oxygen. Then the idea was that we would get out a sleeping bag, lie down and just lie there. It was late, dark, wind, bad weather.

    I know that a person in my group died when we went to Ushba in the winter. But it was from a rock-it was attached to an ice hook, and it was wearing a hard hat. When the stone fell, we shouted to this man: “Stone!”, and he raised his head. A rock hit him in the face and he was killed. If we hadn't shouted at him, he would have been hit in the helmet and probably would have survived. This is me to the fact that actions sometimes logically should not be, but it happened.

    There were also times when I saw someone break down.

    Our women's team, which was led by my wife Elvira Shataeva on Lenin Peak in 1974. She was killed by a huge snowstorm — they set up tents on the top of the mountain and all eight people froze to death. Ten days later, I went to this place and we buried them there, at 7000 meters. And the next year we did a special expedition and took them all down. So, literally in 1975, I was asked by correspondents of the New York Times — and now you will be engaged in mountaineering, because you, like, your wife died? I said, yes, I will still do mountaineering and I have been doing it for 57 years now.

  21. There was a situation when I fell, but there was no thought that I might not survive. Usually there are always thoughts related to the fact that you didn't have time to do something or did the wrong thing. You don't think about the future at such moments at all.

    I competed in the championship of the Soviet Union and there I had a breakdown with a flight of 70 meters and sagging on a rope and hitting a rock. For about 5-6 seconds I had a complete blackout, and then I woke up and for some reason I didn't feel any fears. On the contrary, it was a relief that you were not flying and alive. I didn't even have any feelings that the rope might break and I would fall down. We prepare our own equipment, and the only things that always cause concern are those things that you can't foresee, predict, or anticipate-surprises. You usually trust the equipment. Of course, it can break, but, in fact, it is precisely on this topic that you definitely do not think. Remember, you can't engage in activities if you don't trust your equipment! It's like driving a car — if you know that it's faulty, then it's better not to go. So it is here.

    Many times I have seen people break down, because in mountaineering, when your partner climbs first, and you insure, then at any time you have to detain him with a rope and organize insurance. There were also work breakdowns when climbing was very difficult. I have also seen flights in emergency situations. Of course, there is such a feeling of experience, because you see that a person is in trouble, and you can't help him in any way. You are at a distance and with such a third-party observation of situations, of course, you always experience a hassle. Some of my friends even had gray hair later.

    Always the first thought — why so, and not differently? If you deliberately want to break and jump, you jump and your heart races, but you're not afraid, because you know that nothing will happen to you. But when the situation is really serious, and it doesn't matter where it happens, then the first impulse really follows — if the danger concerns you, then how to avoid it and where to go, but if you are already covered, then you can already think about how to stay alive.

    I also observed fatalities, all climbers behaved differently. Someone shouted, someone was silent-the reactions are very diverse, it all depends on the character of the person. An introvert will never shout, he is experiencing all this inside himself. But if he's not the only one in danger, he'll shout to warn the others. And as I watched them, thoughts of ending mountaineering regularly surfaced. But the more bruises you get, the more careful you become.

  22. To be honest, the moment I go off the track or hit someone, all I think about is how not to crash the car. If I know I'm going to break it , that's what makes me feel bad. After all, racers are not extreme athletes, not stuntmen. When they go to the start, they think they are safe. There are rally races I've been in where you're more likely to die, but you don't think about it anyway. You think about how to win the race. I perform on very powerful machines and the time from error to collision is a tenth or hundredth of a second. We are all based on instincts and automatism.

  23. I fell off the rope because I made the biggest mistake, and it was my own fault. In 2012, at the beginning of May, we prepared a number with students at the Circus Arts Center – first at a height of 4 meters, and closer to the beginning of the show, we raised the bar to 7 meters. When I changed the suspension , I didn't take into account the fact that the distance was already 1.2 meters. And when in the middle of the rope I started to turn around with the balance beam, I touched the bridge with one end of the balance beam and fell. At the moment of the fall, I didn't have time to think about anything, I wasn't even afraid. But after the fall, there was a severe pain shock, I shattered the bones of my hip and got a broken spine. I lay there cursing myself, making promises to myself never to walk a tightrope without insurance again, and begging God to forgive me. But as soon as I recovered , I forgot about everything and continued to work in the same mode.

    There was another case, in 2002, when I was walking a tightrope over the Karadag Gorge in Dagestan, 194 meters high, without insurance. On the rope I did somersaults, turned over and at some point I skidded, then there was a strong gusty wind. At that time, when I realized that there were rocks under me and that I would really break if I fell, I only thought about one thing – how many problems I would create for my family, my wife, that someone would be held responsible for this. I thought about how bad it would be for them. But despite everything that has happened, no injury will stop me. Painful, hard, yes. But 2-3 months and I will perform again.

  24. I was 27 years old and drowning in the Black Sea. It was 4 points, it was forbidden to swim, but I loved jumping in the waves so much! The main thing is not to be on the shallow end, but to get on the ridge. At some point I was distracted, looking at the shore, and when I looked back – a terrible high wave of gray sand was coming at me, and then it became clear to me what a terrible blow was about to follow… I was hit so hard that my head buzzed, spun, dragged along the bottom, and it was impossible to float – my hands do not rest on the foam, and then the second wave rolled in… The only thought: “This is the end! How embarrassing in front of my mother! She warned me about the treachery of the waves, and I didn't listen! She won't survive my death!” It was only this shame that made me struggle with the last of my strength: I pushed off from the bottom not up, but at an angle, towards the shore, and the next wave carried me to safety. For a long time, my hamstrings shook… I remember this horror for 35 years, as if everything happened yesterday.

  25. In terms of youth, the brightest. The situation was extremely funny: I went to carouse with the then gotya at an abandoned tuberculosis dispensary and felt the need. It's pitch dark, I think, “Here's the darkest corner,” I unbutton my pants, take a step… to the elevator shaft in zabros, 10-11 floor. (the dispensary at that time was not completed, there were floors, rooms, etc., elevators were not installed…). I hung on one hand with an indecipherable grip, which was not typical of me, with my pants pulled down. And Yes. “That's it? Well, thank you for that at least.” Real, a huge sense of gratitude that at least I end my life not at its most insignificant or bad moment/day. A handsome man was waiting on the stairs, I drank my favorite drink, already passed the problems with my parents with non-visits home, etc. I also immediately realized that I couldn't panic, and instead of shouting “save/help”, I just called people as usual, like “help and come here”. With round eyes, helped, pulled out with the second hand.

    And for 20-tnik there were some opposite feelings: anger, doom. My kidneys were failing, I was intoxicated, I couldn't eat for three days, mistaking the effect of energy drinks and “it will pass by itself”, I went to work until I was cut off right on it, but I didn't say everything I wanted to say to the person who always made me think “here's another Red Devil and I'll tell you for sure”. Then I thought, if I pull through, I'll say, let it be, it won't matter to him. I was afraid not to have time just, this is what made me angry, the rest was secondary.

    Once again, the breathing tube failed due to lack of sleep after an extreme stunt (at one time I was a club stuntman). One of the last thoughts was “well, now probably already, pam-pam”))) The feeling was also similar to calmness and gratitude for not being in a bad / unresolved situation.�

    It is at the moment of extreme situations that the question of whether there is any other world/life/god has never been raised.

  26. I am fond of extreme sports. I always thought that I would die on the track, or downhill, or maybe my parachute would fail and I would take this chance to die…�

    There are less than 4 days left and I will be on the street, sorting out everything to somehow get out of it. I know my pride won't let me fall any lower, because … �

    PS This is payback: for the love of risk, for the ability to stop in time, for the inability to prioritize and admit mistakes.�

    Thoughts? They're gone, there's just the agony of hopelessness every damn night, regret and shame that it won't hurt me, but those who love me.

  27. I think there's only one “noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    And, of course, he thinks about how to save himself and survive.

  28. 3 years ago I was rafting on Lake Baikal. I was with my father, and it so happened that we were not caught in a storm, I do not understand, a strong wind is shorter. We were kayaking, the waves were high, and at the same time we were drifting away from the shore, water was flowing in through the skirt at a good pace. We were powerless against the waves, unable to approach the shore. I didn't have much thought in my head, but my whole being was focused on the strokes, strong, precise, with the hope of swimming out of the storm. In the end, we were carried far enough from the shore, but the wind relatively subsided, and with the help of the second kayak in our group, we safely reached land.

  29. At the age of 16, I was admitted to the intensive care unit. I was taking medication incorrectly for my asthma attacks, which led to suffocation. The attack was very strong and I already knew that the oxygen was running out. I was far away from the capital and I was not sure that the doctors who were supposed to go would help me. I'm on my knees, trying to inhale or exhale air, and in my head,”I don't want to die a virgin.” It's funny, but I really cared then. But there was no pain. Fear only and then the brain turned off

  30. I was in a situation close to death – a car accident. There were no thoughts, only a “No-no-no-no!” beat in my head..” No “your whole life is before your eyes” or anything like that. I think it was because there was too little time to think. Only instincts: to group, to hold on.

  31. There is complete prostration, everything that is happening around you becomes somehow alien and is perceived as if from the outside completely dispassionately. Sometimes they say that the deceased relatives will be removed, but then for some reason I dreamed of a spaceship, or rather, as if I were inside. I was 16 years old ,throwing up for the second year with occasional glimpses. Sometimes I can't even walk to the bathroom or washroom. Diagnoses would be very different to leukemia. You are very happy with simple things when you come back to life – the sun, curtains on the windows, etc.

  32. Well, I don't have Everest, but it was scary) I will share my feelings: this summer I went up Mount Fisht with my friends. The height is not great-2867.7 meters, but on the approach to the top there was a rather impressive glacier, in one place it was just an almost vertical wall of ice and wet snow, in which the feet were knocked out like steps, in which half of the foot was placed. By the way, this was my first experience of climbing in principle, and I was accompanied by the same inexperienced guys. So, we went without any equipment, without cats, we imagined it as just a pleasant walk (which it would have been if it hadn't been for my stupidity). I, in particular, was wearing ordinary cheap sneakers, and with a well-worn sole. To say that they were sliding is an understatement, because after each step on the ice, my feet just parted in different directions. I went up to the top, and then on naked enthusiasm, and the descent turned into just hell: you had to go down the sloping mass of ice to the very wall with the “steps”, climb down this wall, and then overcome another 150 meters on the ice slope, and all this at a high altitude and in terribly slippery shoes. I don't think I need to say that I fell, and more than once. After the second fall, my tears started flowing uncontrollably, and I only thought about one thing – I was going to die. There was fear and some kind of apathy at the same time, thoughts about the meaning of life and other things were not in sight, there was only one thought: “that's all, I'm going to die now” and a feeling of unreality of what is happening. And when we went down the mountain, this thought transformed into 'I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm not dead', I repeated this thought to myself many times and it also seemed unreal. And what is most interesting, I thought that after the possibility of dying, I would start to feel more acutely the taste of life, the smell of flowers, the beauty around me, but everything was just the opposite-a feeling of emptiness and everything around me is cloudy, like a dream. The 'trance' state continued for the rest of the day, and it wasn't until the next morning that my mind finally got over the stress. Something like this)

  33. I had a dream in which I was shot by a stranger. Two shots in the chest, my fall, through the veil of his face and control in the head……… A storm of feelings-fear, agony, why me? Why are you taking my life??? But the most important feeling, which was completely drained, I suddenly realized that everything I had done in my life was not worth a penny. 3 years have already passed, since then this dream is my main motivator in life…

  34. My story does not claim to be Everest and rope over the abyss, but rather closer to the sad ending of Anna Karenina))

    At a late hour, I was late for the last train, and to my great bewilderment, the doors slammed shut in my face. But the most unpleasant thing was that one of my legs was already in the car and it was pinched. It seems that the situation is quite standard, I try to open the doors, but they do not give in at all, which is not typical for them. And the time is night, and the platform and the train are almost empty, the car is the penultimate one.
    And then the movement begins… I, of course , fall and start rolling along the platform behind the speeding train. I can't get up because of the speed and I brake with my free foot on the scuffed asphalt, which is why my foot is erased exactly on the sandpaper. Along the way, I start to get carried away under the car and try to push my hand away from the yawning black space between the car and the platform, where the wheels are ominously rattling.

    Someone starts shouting on the platform, seeing my desperate situation, but the strange thing is that I couldn't shout myself… The only thing I could do was hiss angrily: fuck, fuck, this is the end… and try to break free.

    All I could think about was that my parents would find it extremely creepy to identify my body, which was scattered on the railway track… Since at the end of the platform I was waiting for a metal section, which is installed so that fans of stowaway travel do not jump from the platforms on the way, it was for my reasons that I had to divide me into a couple of components.

    By chance, a drunken group came out to smoke in the vestibule, these drunk guys pulled the stopcock and saved my life.�

    Yes, I will confirm the opinion of some of the respondents: time seems to slow down and the surrounding space turns into a kind of surrealism. No past flickers in the frames, but fleeting thoughts about what trouble your death will bring to your loved ones (but this is probably only for those who are not selfish in life), and then, when death has receded, a painful shock and catharsis begin… My shin and palm, worn to the bone, have healed, and I still believe only in his Majesty, and I am eternally grateful to the drunk guys who went out for a smoke break.

  35. Once on the sea, my younger brother and I almost drowned. I was 15 years old at that time, and he was 8. I was swimming quite far from the shore, and he somehow got carried away by a wave and caught on my neck, getting scared, because he was quite bad at swimming. I didn't even get caught — I got caught. And then I realized that I couldn't hold both of us: I was drowning, but I was more or less holding my brother above the water, trying my best not to sink. The worst part is that you couldn't really see it from the shore, and neither he nor I can really shout.
    At some point, I couldn't come to the surface anymore, and all I could think about was my brother. These thoughts lasted at most 10 seconds, but these 10 seconds are the most terrible in my life.
    Everything ended well, and a lifeguard pulled us ashore when our parents saw how far we had swum.
    By the way, I have already drowned several times(although I was 6-9 years old, but I remember everything well), but this time stuck in my memory like no other.
    The memory of it makes me shudder.
    As Malakhov would say, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

  36. When I was small(7-9 years old), I started to drown, and there was no one nearby. and the only thing in my head, besides the wild rage,was that I had to somehow get out and survive. it turned out like..

  37. I'm not a mountain climber, but I'll answer that. I was about 11 years old. I was drowning. I was already pretty deep, and I couldn't swim. I thought, ” That's it… So I died.”. Then I came up with a quote from Terry Goodkine's stupid book, The Wizard's First Rule(it's like Game of Thrones, but worse), where the heroine said “Fight, fight to the last breath” and I decided that even if I died, I would do everything possible before that. I started floundering, trying to swim out, already more organized, less chaotic.

    I don't know if it made any difference, but in the end I was saved.

  38. He worked as an arborist in Turkey. A large sycamore tree, about thirty meters high. At some point, due to the wrong actions of the auxiliary worker, the two-hundred-kilogram top of the tree, hung with vines, began to fall not obliquely to the side, but standing and on top of me (I was hanging directly under it).�

    There is no fear, there is a rush of adrenaline and anger. I can't do anything, instead of a mat, some kind of growl comes out of my mouth. There is a ringing emptiness in my head and an unspoken thought-feeling, which can be conveyed as something between “all”, ” @ & % “and ” end”.

    Managed to group up, hit, lost consciousness for a couple of seconds. Further to the topic of the question, the narration does not apply, in the comments.

  39. Nothing. I speak without exaggeration. I had a similar experience: on the climbing wall, the coach opened his hands and let go of the rope that helped me climb. From a height of 10 meters flew a couple of seconds. At the very last moment, the coach grabbed the end of the rope. It was about 50 centimeters to the ground. And I really didn't think about anything while I was flying.

    So about all these goodbyes to the family – .

  40. When once we almost ran into another car on the highway with our family, the thought was one, serene, full of calm “that's all”.�

    When the plane was shaking very violently due to a crosswind on landing (when turning, circling for landing, on a dark, faded morning it was whirling up and down in the unlit cabin with the creaking of the fuselage, people were holding hands, and I was sitting alone in three seats) – there was time to think: “Is this really all?”, ” Here, next to the house? 40 minutes from home? “(the house is 40 minutes from the airport) and “Why, what was all the things I did in my life, if everything ends up like this?” (I just passed the tough exams that I had been preparing for for 2 months and waiting for the result, I was 20 years old, and there were no achievements that were particularly useful for humanity). I still remember the long-awaited landing, the quiet voice of the pilot: “Welcome to Kemerovo.. strong crosswind……… [and after a pause, continue reading]”. No less vividly I remember the white faces of the passengers, calm, silent, without emotion, I would even say empty, but united by a silent secret in front of the joyful greeters, and finally the thought “This is. Not. “Everything”.”

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