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  1. To accept for yourself that time spent on self-eating and thinking about omission, etc., will cause the same feelings in the future, and it is quite fair. Instead of lamenting and suffering, get up and take action. After all, a lot of things need to catch up… 🙂

  2. In our all-favorite Internet site, a joke has been walking for a long time, which could not be better suited to this occasion:

    “No matter what you devote your life to and no matter what success you achieve, somewhere in China, Korea or Japan, there is always a 12-year-old child who does it better than you.”

    Just accept this thought: no matter what people around you say, you don't have to become the best, and even if you do, you'll never be completely sure. So relax and do everything at your own pace. If you ask yourself before going to bed if you did everything you could and wanted, you will answer yes – that's enough. Even if in the eyes of others you were engaged in utter meaningless and impractical nonsense. Such cases.

  3. Wait.

    Years will pass , and you will be even more convinced of this…

    Come on, I'm just kidding)

    Actually, just find a hobby. Fully immerse yourself in it as much as possible. Even if it doesn't work out right away, just keep going and believe. )

    The time will come and you will understand how interesting and vast the world around us is. And it will immediately become easier to breathe. 🙂

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