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  1. Accept it and move on. Do not take this condition seriously. It's just your state, your feelings, your thoughts. It doesn't kill you if you don't get depressed and cut your veins, and you're still not a teenager to do this nonsense. Your thoughts and feelings can change literally tomorrow: you will be interested in some garbage, you will meet the love of your life, you will get an opportunity that you never dreamed of, you will get into an accident and thank God for surviving, and so on and so forth. All this is quite likely. No less likely is that your feelings will not change in any way, and you will continue to get up with them in the morning. If you do not perceive the inner emptiness as something terrible that interferes with life and life in general, it will not interfere with your life. You will dig into yourself and attach importance to every thought-you will definitely reach depression and addiction, and then you will die young. It's romantic and someone might even cry over your sad fate. It's up to you.

  2. I suggest that you treat the search for life's work as a research project, and enjoy the process. Most likely, this question cannot be answered quickly. This will probably take you a year, maybe two.

    At the end of the message – a small gift-a poem by Kipling.

    First, you should take into account the initial data.

    1) You are 25 years old.

    2) If you lead a healthy lifestyle, take care of yourself, do not start diseases, then you may well be able to actively live up to 75 years.

    3) Therefore, it is a question of how to spend the next 50 years of your life.

    4) It is reasonable to spend 2-4% of this time looking for what you will like to do the other 96-98% of your life.


    The following seems reasonable to me:

    I) Study what other people have written about your problem.

    II) Expand your horizons and erudition so that you have plenty to choose from. Most likely, you just don't know yet what you are interested in and what you are interested in.

    III) Surround yourself with passionate people from different fields of knowledge.

    IV) Keep a diary in which you will describe your impressions, make comments that will help you understand your preferences in the future.


    In addition, I will say that now a lot of sectarian seminars have been divorced, in which people are supposedly helped to find themselves, but in reality they are brainwashed. It is wise to stay away from them. Just like from any esotericism, where under the guise of an incredible discovery, people are offered basic truths.


    And now for more details:

    I) * Study what other people have written about your problem*

    I think you should start by reading a non-exhaustive list of books, which may lead you to some useful conclusions or serve as a guide to action.

    1) Viktor Frankl – “Man in Search of Meaning”, “Psychologist in a concentration camp”

    Frankl went through Auschwitz and knows more about the meaning of life than anyone else.

    2) Vladimir Levy – “Where to live?”

    Levy acts as a friend-adviser, leading the reader to the answer.

    3) Eugene O'Kelly – “Chasing the Elusive Light”

    O'Kelly, an outstanding executive of the American company KPMG, was pleased with the news that he had 100 days left to live due to brain cancer. O'Kelly conducted an audit of his life and developed a strategy according to which he lived until the end of his days. The last chapter was written by his wife.

    4) Fyodor Uglov – “The Heart of a Surgeon”, “Everyday Life of a surgeon”

    Fyodor Uglov is an example of a person who has been passionate about the profession since childhood. The book will once again remind you of what passion and passion for work are. It is also interesting from the point of view of the events described. It reads easily and in one go.

    5) Tina Seelig – “Do It Yourself”

    Tina believes that people often stop themselves with far-fetched restrictions and do not achieve success because of this. She gives examples of interesting unconventional behavior that helps resolve difficult situations.

    6) Arthur Schopenhauer – “Aphorisms for the assimilation of worldly wisdom”

    An enthusiastic misanthrope, Schopenhauer throws up seemingly obvious ideas that sometimes escape attention. For example, the fact that you should take care of the kind of education and activities that correspond exactly to your personality and inclinations, and avoid everything else.

    7) Chesterfield – “Letters to my Son”

    Chesterfield, a British politician who lived in the 1700s, shares ideas that are still valuable today. Here you will find many sensible tips about ethics, honor, and duty that you can introduce into your life.

    8) Dan Kennedy – “Hard Time Management”

    Dan shows you how valuable time is in monetary terms, and teaches you how to use it correctly.

    II) * Expand your horizons and erudition*

    Read books in various fields:

    • Biography

    • Artistic literature

    • Psychology

    • Technic

    • Biology

    • Politics

    Watch various video courses:

    III) * Surround yourself with passionate people*

    Try attending events that discuss topics that are unfamiliar to you. Topics can be different: art, business, languages.

    If you're having a hard time making new connections, try reading articles and books on networking and applying them. Here, for example, is a good article: edu.lb

    In St. Petersburg, good lectures are given:

    • Hermitage Youth Center: vk.com

    • Ingria Business Incubator: vk.com

    IV) *Keep a diary*

    The diary will allow you to organize your accumulated impressions, refresh some memories, and evaluate how effectively you spend your time. In addition, it will allow you to monitor how much your worldview changes over time.


    Master yourself in the midst of a confused crowd,

    You cursing for the confusion of all,

    Believe in yourself, against the universe,

    And forgive the little ones their sin;

    Let the hour not strike — wait without getting tired,

    Let the liars lie — do not condescend to them;

    Be able to forgive and don't seem to be forgiving,

    More generous and wiser than others.

    Be able to dream without becoming a slave to dreaming,

    And think without deifying your thoughts;

    Equally meet success and abuse,

    Not forgetting that their voice is false;

    Stay quiet when it's your own word

    Cripples the rogue to catch fools,

    When all life is destroyed and again

    You have to recreate everything from the basics.

    Be able to deliver, in joyful hope,

    Put everything you've saved up with difficulty on the map,

    Lose everything and become a beggar as before,

    And never regret it,

    Be able to force the heart, nerves, body

    Serve you when in your chest

    It's been a long time since everything was empty, everything was burned down

    And only the Will says:”Go!”

    Stay simple, conversing with the kings,

    Stay honest with the crowd;

    Be direct and firm with your enemies and friends,

    Let all, in their own time, consider you;

    Fill every moment with meaning,

    Hours and days of elusive running, —

    Then you will have the whole world in your possession,

    Then, my son, you will be a Man!


    I wish you every success!

  3. Change your mindset.

    Maybe the phrase “Any end is the beginning of something new”will help

    Realize that 23 isn't even half the average life expectancy. You still have so many years ahead of you to create, develop, and experience. You are young and have the ability to build and achieve goals

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