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  1. To get rid of aggression, the first step is to identify the internal causes of this anger. They can be very different, for example:

    • A model of behavior imbibed from childhood

    • Acute defensive reaction

    • Erroneous interpretation of the actions of others as potentially dangerous

    • Dissatisfaction with the need for power

    • etc.

    The second step, when the cause is identified, is to replace the old erroneous beliefs that lead to outbursts of anger with new ones that are more just and relevant to reality.

    Well, the third step is to develop new scenarios of behavior, how you will act in a new way in old situations.

    I'll tell you more about how this is done in practice in this video: https://youtu.be/YpGGUB41DYM

  2. You need to learn how to respond to aggression in any safe way – running, sports (boxing, kickboxing).

    If this happens all the time, it means that you are either suppressing or not fully expressing these feelings.

    It is quite possible that you do not know how to express yourself to others if you do not like something in their behavior.

  3. It is perfectly normal to feel hatred and anger.

    The challenge is not to not experience these emotions, but to get them to go where they need to go. That is, not on yourself and not on your loved ones.

    Someone, for example, beats a pear. And in general, sports are one of the easiest ways to get out of accumulated emotions. I'm not a trainer, so I can't suggest specific exercises. But these are clearly not kilogram dumbbells.

    You can try to brew your favorite tea, aroma oils or some other stinks to spray. That is, try to relax. It is to relax, not to calm down.

    Surely every second person who reads this question, in the depths of his heart, would like to joke about the shortcomings. But it's not funny either. The acute lack of sex really makes you irritable, so you shouldn't dismiss it.

  4. I'm not a psychologist. Life experience.
    Just a point of view.
    I think that there are different reasons for aggression or razdrozhitelnost. So to speak, external factors. It doesn't happen out of the blue.
    Nerves, stress, lack of attention (yes, yes – this applies to everyone). There may even be excessive attention from people(you may feel comfortable being alone). Find the cause of the irritation. There is a reason. The main thing is not to spoil your nerves! Get distracted by something that makes you feel better. A banal but very effective example is music. Do what you like (hobby), maybe these little things will help you. But small pieces of the puzzle (in our case (music, hobbies, etc.) form a big picture) I hope in your case it will be positive)))!

  5. Get rid of working on yourself probably. I am far from a psychologist and do not understand much about this, I can only say from personal experience that the most important thing is to work on yourself and not be afraid to admit your feelings to other people

  6. This condition is familiar. I'm also very irritable.

    1) In my case, I realized that when I seem to be angry at someone, I'm actually angry at MYSELF at that moment.

    I am dissatisfied with MYSELF and my life.

    As soon as I catch myself doing this, my anger disappears.

    I want the best, I get tired of constantly comparing myself to others.

    Now my favorite phrase : “Take what they give you”

    2) If someone annoys you, then that's fine! Because what annoys you about someone else is what annoys you about yourself!

    For example, I am angry that the child did not learn the lessons during the lesson, and I did not do the report during the lesson.

    Try to notice and work on it to change.

  7. Here, what is said / written is purely a personal life experience. This can be both periodic poorly controlled age-related manifestations, and painful phenomena of “cattle” of all kinds resulting in a society of healthy people, this is a hotel topic. It happens that to contain the aggression and irritation inside yourself and suppress these feelings, it becomes much more dangerous than to find a use for them for your own benefit. The negative that accumulates inside asks to come out, sometimes it wants to harm its carrier or others, I experienced similar manifestations on myself, how I coped, sometimes aggression manifested itself within the family, there is little good in this, but this is history. At a young age, I resumed training in game sports and noticed that some of the participants needed conflicts, which are necessary for, as they say, relieving tension or in other words, “letting out shit”, who needs to train intensively, and who is a plus, yell and fight. You need to find the source of the annoyance, figure out where it comes from and how to work with it. For some categories, breathing practices or physical activities will be useful – collective, independent, with partners, which can be the key to all sores. In such states, creative beginnings can open up. When the world is falling apart, it seems that everything is bad and your strength is running out, then look at it differently, find the strength and turn the situation around to your advantage. The answers to many questions lie within us, and many life situations are given to us for growth, for development. Good luck to all.

  8. “Anger is anger directed at yourself.” I didn't invent it, but I heard it somewhere, once. So, look for the reason in yourself and your attitude to others. This may be dissatisfaction, envy, accumulated resentment, or an unfair attitude. Or something else. The real reason can only be understood by yourself. When you understand, it will be easier to change your attitude to the problem – ” The prudent sees the disaster and takes cover.”

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