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  1. It's all too banal. I think many people have heard the phrase from psychology: “Get out of your comfort zone.” Only it does not apply to laziness and sitting on the couch in front of the TV, but to such cases. When a person's life is like a tangle, for which he can not or is afraid to get out. Work-home-sleep-work-home-sleep… And so on according to one scenario, a kind of Groundhog Day. This is compounded by getting quick pleasure, not only endorphins, but also other hormonal pleasures that the modern world can provide. From constant sitting in a mobile phone, watching TV, at a computer, a set-top box, masturbation and other delights of life, the body stops properly supplying dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins to the brain. That soon nothing pleases, it seems gray and dull. This is why they say “get out of the comfort zone”, because switching to new sources of joy for the brain, it will start releasing the necessary hormones again. For example, endorphins can be obtained by playing sports, oxytocin from close contact with a loved one, dopamine from competitive sports and other things where there is gambling addiction and a competitive spirit, and serotonin is released from praise for the achievements that you will accomplish. Simply put-start doing something that you didn't do, go beyond the barriers of everyday life, if it is also useful for society, then this will increase the effect.

  2. If you're a guy, there's a recipe:

    1) stop masturbating at every opportunity, reduce the number of acts to a physiologically acceptable 1-2 times a week;

    2) get started with dota, slot machines — in short, stop abusing actions with an instant endorphin reward;

    3) crawl out from under your mother's sneaker (ideally, find a job and move to a separate apartment);

    4) move more, do some sports stuff (the hormones produced greatly affect your mood and well-being);

    5) start doing something YOURSELF, doing something that seems meaningful to you;

    6) chat with people, update old contacts, talk to someone, take part in a joint activity

    A word of caution: never buy into religion or personal growth training. Spend time and money, and nothing will change (this is at best).

  3. The age from 18 to 23 years is a critical turning point for a young person. I advise you to get involved in something creative and disconnect from any sources of negativity and everything will become clear.

  4. There are so many problems around… Set yourself the task of trying to solve at least one of them at the local level and make life better around you. Expand. You will have a goal and the boredom will disappear. Don't see any problems? Watch a few videos on ted.com For example, about ecology. Or read Varlamov's blog about urban problems. Try to think globally, but act locally.

  5. This may be experiencing a crisis, a sense of lack of prospects, and other events.

    Perhaps you did not experience very pleasant emotions the day before…

    Also, apathy and decreased interests can be observed with a reduced mood in depression.

    You could go to a psychologist first, and he will already determine what to do next.

  6. Find hobbies and hobbies, make new acquaintances. Take a walk more often and don't be shy, look for adventures. Find more friends, something new and interesting always happens to them. Communicate with people of different social groups.

    When I go out with my friends, adventures find me and life is not boring)

  7. Move out. Change your location. It can be just a vacation or a real move.

    Step out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to connect with new people. Push yourself to go to new places. In a word-do not sit still.

    Start running in the morning. Completely change your wardrobe. Try out more new things.

    The main thing in this state is not to be driven! Do not lie in a ball, but start moving forward!

  8. Everyone who wrote here has their own philosophy.�

    I think everyone asks this question to themselves when growing up. So, at one time, I also asked myself the same question.

    And I found one simple way out. Hobbies. It doesn't matter what they are. Also, do not be afraid of the stress types of society. Practice for yourself. I became interested in something that I wasn't interested in at school or even in higher education. Namely: playing on the muses. You can also use this tool to create public vk pages, learn foreign languages, memorize famous poems, read philosophical textbooks, play sports, and so on.

    The main thing is to find what interests you most. And most importantly, do not be afraid of mistakes in your endeavors. Also, do not be afraid to quit something and start doing something else.

    P. s. still svoetuyu come up with a muse and do something for her.

  9. The same thing. 22 years old, school ends. I don't know what to do next. I don't get along with girls, I don't have any confidence in myself. Negative

    But we must live. You can't run away from fate. Maybe it will get better

  10. Limit yourself to pleasure. A little bit. When you get pleasure too often, the brain gets used to it and becomes insensitive to pleasure. You can still go to the psychiatrist to complain, maybe you need to treat something.

  11. Of course, I understand that everyone here is strictly intellectual, but you are too heavy. Skateboarding will kill time, and the mood will be good (100%), and you will definitely make new acquaintances.

  12. Go into suspended animation. So you are the person for whom 19 is not yet the period when it is customary to do what is typical for this age. We must lie low . Stay at home, but so that it is not boring ,imagine that you are in prison. And do what smart prisoners do. In addition to books, watch movies and TV shows, clean up and make an online friend.While you're alive, I'll knock on your door one day . They'll ask you to buy bread or offer you a free theater ticket. This will knock life . You will come out and everything that has accumulated during that period, whether it is thoughts from books or impressions from a movie or gluing together tanchiki, will definitely ask to come out. And that's life, too. You are life itself. And life has different periods. Our task is only to prepare for it partially and not to miss anything.

  13. Everyone can have such a period, regardless of their age. If apathy is associated with disappointment in something, then this is temporary and will pass by itself, if you do not engage in introspection. I'll add motivation)

    First – you need to sit on a chair exactly and do nothing for as long as possible, you can not sleep, you can not listen to music either, TV phone and computer are excluded. Hold out as long as you can! It will become unbearable and you will want to do something. Pay attention to what exactly you really wanted to do after inactivity. �

    Second. Try different hobbies. Without a long build -up, we took it, tried one, the second, and the third on the fly. Visit master classes, generally different! Try all sorts of free ones in different directions and it is absolutely not necessary to like it, just try everything for the 1st time. For example, a dance lesson, a Spanish lesson, a lesson on creating things with your own hands, a fitness lesson, etc. Everything in a row! Take up the hobbies of your friends, just try them out, ask them to help, go to lessons/masterclasses with them, etc. This is how the realization of what you like comes, the goal appears, the obsession with some idea. �It works! Do not think about why you are doing this and whether you will like it, just go ahead! �Not only will you find your dream destination, but you'll also make a bunch of interesting acquaintances along the way. Bude not boring for sure!

  14. I have a universal recipe for happiness for any person – just do what you want!

    By all means, you must achieve your goals and inner harmony will appear by itself!

  15. They say that only boring people get bored.

    For me personally, it is not entirely clear how you can get bored in a world where there are thousands of interesting and useful activities.�

    In order to dispel boredom, it is enough to choose an activity to your liking. Start learning to play a musical instrument, now it is possible to do it yourself with such a huge archive of all kinds of video lessons.

    Try to draw, in this area you can endlessly experiment with materials and techniques.

    Try playing poker) with this skill, you can go to a tournament and make interesting acquaintances.

    In general, get yourself a hobby)

    The main thing is not to stand still, idleness is the most vicious vice.

  16. Save the world.

    I put in another hundred and twenty-eight characters to get my answer accepted, and also gave a minus sign to the guy who told me to go to the army.

  17. Go to the army, you will understand that such little things can please you that you didn't pay attention to before. I've only been serving for a month, and I've already figured out what I want out of life and what I'll do when my term ends

  18. Is it boring to live and nothing makes you happy? This is a side effect of stability. Emotional and mental stagnation can also occur under good living conditions , at any age. Find yourself an adventure on the fifth point, fall to the very bottom of life, plunge into the atmosphere in which you could not imagine yourself before. Such shock therapy is quite sobering, and if you get out of the reached bottom on your own again to the top, feeling ALL THIS SHIT on yourself, then it also sets your brain straight and hardens your character.�

    now the gentle opponents of tough measures will confuse me, but I know what I'm talking about.

  19. Are you 19 and bored with life? Understand that 19 is only a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Harsh, perhaps, but true: the only person who gets bored is the one who has the time. When you run from school to work, and in the evening after work you start studying, there is simply no time to think about sad things. As long as you're 19, you DON't have any serious adult problems, no one is sitting on your neck, so just take the opportunity. The evidence.

  20. What makes your life boring? Since you are 19, I can assume that you are tired of the daily routine: studying at UNI, maybe you still work somewhere, which further aggravates your situation. Try to dilute your routine with some small activities. Find some free time? Go to the amusement park and read an interesting book. Do something new and unusual for yourself. This will definitely dilute your life. Get out of the house more, it is clear that nothing will happen if you stay at home. Explore your city, go to all its interesting places, and if you call your friends, you will definitely not be bored. You can find a lot of interesting activities, but the main thing is not to sit at home.

  21. I would advise you to try to try as many different hobbies as possible. Some of them can bring money or work, some good friends. Unfortunately, there is too little information to recommend anything specific, but you can first rely on what you like/have minimal aspirations for. The main thing is not to sit in one place and, perhaps even through force, do something: go to study, sign up for courses, read books, find people with whom to discuss them and apply knowledge in practice.

  22. There can be a huge variety of reasons for this condition. Psychotherapeutic methods are aimed at clarifying these reasons. See a therapist. In terms of time-efficiency ratio, this is the best way to get out of your condition.

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