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  1. A matter of habit, really. I also, at first, could not perceive e-books. It was necessary to “feel” the paper, feel the weight of the book, smell the printing paper. And also make notes in the margins.�

    But then I realized that paper books greatly limit me and my space. I can't take 2-3 books with me when I go to work. This is heavy and takes up a lot of space. My space in the apartment is also not rubber, and all the shelves are already crammed with all sorts of literature. I also look with regret at the books I've already read. It is unlikely that I will ever be able to read these books in the future, and now they are just gathering dust on the shelf, acting as a decoration.�

    In this regard, e-books are a great replacement. They have too many advantages and too few disadvantages.�

    So just try to “force” yourself to read e-books for the first time. Read only them for a couple of weeks and a month, and after a while you will say to yourself “How did I live before without e-books?!”.

  2. Read paper books. While they are still being published, although, of course, in the near future publishing houses will close due to unprofitability.

    Yes, and do not download books from pirates – by doing so, you cause material damage to the author.

  3. I had this experience. It was very strange for me to hold a plastic thing in my hands and poke at the screen, instead of flipping through the physical page. I love it when a book is printed on white paper, with a good cover, a hard spine. I read the book carefully – without tearing the pages or crunching the spine. Basically a psychopath. But I saw an e-book in the hands of a colleague and I liked how it looks. I turned it over in my hands, felt it, asked the price – I was stunned. He had an e-book, which is issued by one of the largest online stores. In general. I bought this book because I liked to hold it in my hands. Yes, and frequent moves with a large number of books-as it is not so hot. I love paper, but I can't say that an e-book is bad either. You just need to get used to it, and then it will climb into your hands by itself.

  4. To begin with, I will offer you to find a book that will interest you, and then read a short introduction, after which if it fascinates you, then please read, I can recommend a site on which short stories are posted, I read there every morning, so I went.

  5. Read the usual ones, if you don't want to spend money on paper, print out the text on A4 sheets( I think it won't be expensive). I don't like reading e-books either. They are somehow repulsive. And the paper ones – the rustle of pages, the smell of paint, the crunch of bindings😻

  6. Be proud of it. Buy plain-bound books. Their cost varies from 100 to 300 rubles. I don't think this money is huge. You'll soon be able to settle for a small home library.

  7. Obviously, if reading paper books is more exciting, it's better to read paper books. But there are times when there are no extra funds to buy or the library does not have the right book.
    Then the elbook comes to the rescue.�

    If there is any discomfort while reading an e-book, then you need to set up settings: increase or change the font scale, for example.�

    Unfortunately, I use an e-book with a backlight, so I can add about such books that they help out in the dark (I know it's harmful) if you adjust the brightness to a comfortable level and put a strict font that doesn't strain your eyes.

    Read with pleasure!

  8. If you want to read electronic books (you understand their advantages: it's easier to find a book, it's more convenient to take it with you, and so on), then this is a matter of simple habit. You can read articles on the Internet, right? So download short stories and persuade yourself to read (in transport, in cafes, etc.). Then the brain will stop resisting.

  9. I learned how to print and stitch paper bindings. You get real books. True, only for the sake of entertainment, I sometimes do it. I've spent most of my life reading from a monitor. But I can offer you to buy an e-book with a screen on electronic ink (e-ink). Only a few generations of them and you need to buy the most modern one. The screen is very similar to a paper one. It might help. At the same time, you have to charge it once a month, which is nice when you are on a business trip.

  10. If the brain flatly refuses to read e-books, then I think it's worth trying to read paper books.

    Case closed,

    Your captain

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