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  1. you can talk to a person. perhaps lack of initiative is his way of life.

    those. to show it to him is extremely not komofrtno and except on holidays.

    in this case, the relationship model will be as it is now.

    If he stupidly does not guess – then, again, conversations are found out

  2. One of the options is that the guy took the initiative at the very beginning of the relationship (and I can hardly imagine that a relationship can start without the guy's initiative). But with the development of relations, more and more initiatives of the guy were taken “with hostility” (“I don't want to”, “I'm not interested in it”, etc.) and he was simply tired of it. I write from my own experience.

  3. First, we recommend that you think about whether there are high expectations for the manifestation of initiative by a guy and low expectations for the manifestation of initiative by a girl. Such gender stereotypes can lead to the fact that the equal manifestation of initiative is evaluated as the manifestation of initiative mainly by a girl. It should also be noted that the situation when the initiative is shown only or mainly by a guy, and not a girl, is assessed by many people as normal.


    Best of all, when the initiative in a couple is shown by both parties. But people are different, and a girl's leadership in a couple or in certain issues is just as normal as a guy's leadership. The main thing is that this does not lead to infringement of the interests of one of the partners. It doesn't make sense to cultivate self-doubt regardless of gender, but if a guy doesn't always show self-confidence and doesn't always show initiative, it's best to be tolerant and give support if necessary. Such issues can be discussed in a friendly manner, without making harsh claims. In this situation, they may start offering their own meeting options more often.

  4. tell him directly about your dissatisfaction. it is unnecessary to avoid, to look for any ways. tell me not to beat with a rag. What mom? How old is he?” 14? then you can

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