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  1. If you suffer from loneliness, then get animals ! I have 2 cats, you can talk to them, one is very talkative! In general, I almost always go online, read at work, and watch TV shows, movies, and lectures at home. But lately, I've also started to feel that sometimes I need to talk to someone new or something, and I posted on my page that I'm looking for friends and what I would like them to be like. Unfortunately, for a week, not a single repost, and not a single friend. But I have friends or acquaintances with whom we sometimes communicate, sometimes because if we communicate often it's like it's boring, then banal things start, and if rarely, we discussed productively what topic and everyone is happy

  2. Judging by your previous question, it's not so much the people around you (although it's quite likely that they are), but rather yourself. Apathy can appear for various reasons, and it is unlikely that someone will seriously help you on the Internet, because this is a purely individual matter. If everything continues like this, then go for a consultation with a specialist, there is nothing shameful in this.

    But if you reject all these serious assumptions, then how do you like this option: you just don't want to stand still in one place, you want to move on, develop, want diversity, but you don't really know where to go, because you don't have any special talents or interests? If yes, then welcome to the club 🙂 20 years is the ideal age to devote yourself to something new. If only because you are now fully formed as a person and are almost at the peak of your physical and mental abilities. Good luck finding yourself.

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