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  1. Look, let's understand the concepts, most likely we draw this conclusion due to the fact that we unconsciously put in place of meaning a certain goal that was laid down for us in childhood as a program, as the only true way, and now think, does the very form of human life not assume that its meaning is at least in the possibility of obtaining pleasure, unfortunately, we are programmed Sit down, think, remember what we were taught in childhood? Those who do not understand that this is not training but training of obedience? Hence all the dissonances. The individual strives to be free, and it is driven into a cage of fear by evil aunts… It's always fashionable to just get high, everywhere, but we were inspired with the fear of pleasure, so that we would remain slaves longer. The point of living at least is that there is no point in dying either, but in life you can at least get a little high, the main thing is to agree with yourself, and understand that life is not 100 years of loneliness, but in fact life is up to 35 approximately, then there is absolutely nothing to do, just please yourself by any means and do not regret anything.

  2. You can do nothing, you can start searching for meaning.

    No one is rushing you to do something, as soon as you are ready, you will start.

    The child does not ask whether to walk or not to walk, once he just starts trying and after a while he succeeds.

  3. This question is too broad for simple advice, so there can be no single answer in principle …

    Each person is different, each has his own way of life, each has his own life situations, each has his own social circle, etc.

    Without taking into account these and other criteria, it is stupid to go with your own advice…

  4. There are different situations when we feel this emptiness.This means that our soul is unhappy for some reason.No matter how bonalny it may sound,you don't just need to breathe and go to work,but start living!See beauty in everything) Maybe remember your hobby or find a new hobby)!!!The meaning of life is not in the search for the meaning of life,but in living life itself here and now, so that the soul sings!!!You just need to allow yourself to be a happy person, enjoy life every day!When this happens you will quickly understand where you need to go and what to do) Because our soul knows what we need!The main thing is to listen to yourself, and not look at what fashion and the environment say.And do not in any case lock in the sad events that have occurred in your life, no matter how hard it is…When you get rid of these frames and sad thoughts, your mind will be filled with positivity and freedom)Then something called”finding yourself”will happen-and you will be truly happy!And a happy person will never say that there is no meaning in his life)

  5. Meaning can be found in helping other people directly (charity, listening to someone, helping loved ones, etc.), in what business that will benefit you and others (opening a good cafe, raising children, or any other activity that is your vocation), in serving God and spiritual life.

    Maybe the book “Being Human means Finding Meaning: 100 Essential Words”by psychologist Viktor Frankl will help you find meaning. There is also a book by Anthony Bloom ” Chaos. Law. Freedom. Conversations about meanings”.

  6. the meaning of life is to achieve something like a quest try to earn a lot, you want a car-strive for it.Do you want to go to Bali? Strive for it earn money have fun try something new

  7. Life is already meaning ! This is the base state . There's only love. Your soul remembers this, and therefore it does not like being different. Change your personality and become who you want to be. By removing your personality, you become true and divine. But these are just words describing the state .You'll have to survive it. Otherwise you'll suffer all your life

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