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  1. To begin with, it is necessary to understand where this fear comes from. Often, such fears, even phobias, stem from self-doubt, and if you consciously consider yourself lucky, successful, and accomplished, there are opposite feelings at the subconscious level, and as a result, an internal conflict results.

    The source of such discrepancies is most often the attitudes that you “prescribed” for yourself based on the statements of other people, usually those closest to you, as well as their attitudes to things that matter to you, your success. At first glance, it could have been a small thing – you bragged about the drawing, and you were told “well, what a daub” or something like that. They shared their desire to become someone, and in response – “you won't succeed” or “it's not prestigious”, “you won't earn much money like this, we know better what you need”. Etc.

    Dealing with such fears is not easy and takes a long time. Try to look for the reasons yourself, but if it doesn't work out, or the fear increases, contact a psychologist.

  2. We need to understand why you are afraid of the future. Probably, there are some serious troubles in the present that make you fear the future as well. That's what we need to deal with.

  3. It is normal to be afraid, everything that is not known is scary, especially when there is no stability, stability at least creates the illusion that everything is fine. The main thing is not to give in to this fear, it helps very well to reduce fear – imagine the worst that can happen, and act where the situation is under your control, these actions will distract and create situations that are better in themselves than their absence, because the chances lie in actions.

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