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  1. Well, if you really are in love, then at the bottom you will be fine with him.�

    And it is still unclear what exactly you and he understand by “bottom”.�

    And it is not clear why he pulls you, his beloved, so persistently there.�

    Maybe he wants to show you something at the bottom? Maybe your joint stay at this very bottom, precisely because of your mutual love, will make this “bottom” a peak that all pragmatists and social careerists will never reach in their lives?�

    You'll have to check on the bottom of it. And, if you like it, then stay – any fool can make a career, but not everyone has love… And if you don't like it, then motivate him to see how you are up there-you can directly use the words of Karlson inviting the Baby )

  2. The phrase “pulls to the bottom”, if I understand everything correctly, indicates the obvious doom and severity of the situation. It is important to understand that a person (you) can only change himself by expressing his will, and if your partner does not stop doing what you think pulls you to the bottom and does not hear you that something is not acceptable to you, then it is unlikely that you will be able to change his behavior unilaterally.

    I'd ask myself some questions if I were you:

    1. What attracts me to this person?
    2. Do I always get attracted to people who “pull me down”?
    3. What is more important for me: to get the experience of approaching the bottom together, which may be difficult to give up, or-to have the courage (perhaps ask for the help of a professional psychologist, perhaps independently – you need to honestly ask yourself – “how am I better”) and end a relationship that pulls to the bottom.

    Of course, in any case, it makes sense to talk to your partner, convey your position to them and hear them.

    Good luck!

  3. Damn it, man, run!

    But first, you must do your best. FOR LOVE'S SAKE

    It's damn hard to give up on a loved one, even if he drags you to the bottom. BUT, your success is that you understand where you are being led. Here you can only wish for great willpower.

    I was in the same situation (I will build an answer on an example from my own life, as I love), but I did not see how I was dragged to the bottom, or, say, did not see anything terrible in it. As soon as communication was interrupted, I, after reflecting for a week, realized all the disadvantages, the “rose-colored glasses” were gone.

    You just sit down and think, but do you need all this? Is the game worth the candle? Is your target worthy of such sacrifices? Are you ready to put up with this? Can you do something about it? And so on

    In my case, I was willing to sacrifice everything. But it just so happens that my case is over, and, you know, I feel pretty damn inspired. I opened up to the world. I arrive in euphoria and overwhelmed with love for people. It's like I was literally being dragged to the bottom, and I broke the chain and finally took a breath of air. I have a condition that I thought could only be obtained by illegal means (too good). Of course, I still didn't lose my senses overnight, but I feel better. 🦅

    BUT KEEP IN MIND, the biggest secret is that before it was over, I did EVERYTHING I could to make it easier. It's easier when you know one hundred percent that a person is “everything”, it's useless to mess with him.

    In general, if you decide to break up, it is likely that you will experience the same feelings as me. Well, if you really are being dragged to the bottom, and if you did EVERYTHING (don't forget!!) to try to get out of this bottom. Otherwise, then you will be tormented by various “WHAT IF”. You must exclude all the “what if” s!

    And maybe someone will come with instructions on how to get out of this together, talk there and all that, I don't know such universal instructions.

    In any case, good luck, do what you think is necessary, and for sure, you know the answer to your question. 🐆

  4. Well, stop talking to that person.
    There doesn't seem to be anything complicated about it. Yes, there is a pitfall that you will remember and go to the page, but this is only at first. Then you'll learn to live on your own.�

    Or pull a person from this bottom yourself. But this is a difficult task.
    There is a phrase that degradation is also evolution. That is, yes, you can promote to a person some of your views on how to live, but the person will simply send you on foot erotic, because it develops in the opposite direction from your interests. Therefore, from your point of view, it degrades.

    I will honestly say that such cases when a person really deserves to be harnessed and held on to him are very rare. And this is especially true for love affairs, since the brain is stupidly clouded at this time. Therefore, I advise you from the bottom of my heart: throw such a person the fuck before it's too late. You'll learn how to live on your own, you'll manage, and maybe you'll get nervous for a couple of years and that's it. It's better this way.

  5. Follow him, or try to pull him along. Definitely not to run, because you can't run away from yourself and your feelings, and attempts to disown a loved one are simple self-deception.

  6. What exactly is it that pulls you down to the bottom? If a person is really dear to you, do everything possible to prevent him from disappearing. If he needs it, of course. Otherwise, just let go…

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