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  1. They usually give you abstract advice. Move on, don't get desperate… But how to do it, no one says! Although there are certain psychological techniques that remove emotional pain! For example, I teach similar techniques and people live a completely different life in a month!

    You should contact specialists. And not to suffer and suffer!

  2. Breaking up a relationship is always painful, even if you know it's for the best. Sometimes the best way to leave the pain behind is to get through it, rather than not trying to get around it. Acknowledging your loss and mourning it is the first step to healing. Just as important is the support of a friend, because a true friend loves at all times, he is a brother born in times of distress. It would also be good to draw conclusions. Ask yourself : did this case show that I need to improve in some way? What would be the best course of action next time? Clearly, it will take time to look at this rationally, rather than emotionally.

  3. No one says that you have to put up with it right away. We must understand that there are almost no chances to return the relationship, but, on the other hand, no one knows what the future holds for us. Now the main thing is not to fall into despair and depression, but to find an opportunity even from this emotionally difficult situation to draw strength and change. It doesn't matter for him/her or yourself yet. The main thing is that you move and do something, living in the present and hoping for a magical meeting in the future, and sit and cry about the past. And who knows, you, in 10 years, a rich, respected, well-looking person, will need someone there the same? If so, your chances of success increase. If not, then, as they say, this is already your right.

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