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  1. Live just for fun. The world is full of things that don't make sense, they just happen to make sense. And there's nothing wrong with that. So just enjoy your life while it lasts.

  2. Well, if you yourself are bothered by the feeling of meaninglessness of existence, then this is at least somehow pleasing. That is, if you don't like living like this, then you need to change something and start living differently. The only question is what causes this inner “emptiness”, whether this feeling is really motivated, how to get out of it and, most importantly, whether you want to get out of it! Still, it's simple: it's plausible to play the torment of an existential nature against the background of the fact that you have everything, you have managed to study for everyone (or many) by the time you were 28 years old, you know a lot and managed to see something only when it really brings satisfaction and pleasure. Satisfaction – in the form of the cost and resource of this way of presenting yourself to the world, in the form of increased attention from the outside world, in the form of numerous privileges and bonuses. It takes a lot of effort, emotions, and nerves to do “this”. After all, this is – yes, a whole drama + abilities. Portray an existential crisis at the level of “to be or not to be” and as if a car with coal was unloaded! After such work, satisfaction necessarily comes, because the result is visible – the reaction of the surrounding world and the inner feeling of a kind of harmony: “I feel bad-life is bad-the world is bad-everyone is to blame-I am to blame-I feel bad”! Some people believe that it is impossible without suffering. Suffering, pain, soreness, like nothing else, makes us sensitive to ourselves! Moreover, society suddenly begins to confirm with pleasure that we are alive in the form of sympathy, regret, approval, support. Some people with their suffering try to get a kind of confirmation of society (relatives, friends, peers) that they are seen, considered, etc. The meaning of life becomes suffering. In general, what is the “meaning of life”? Reading and re-reading the absolutely grandiose masters of psychological analysis with the surnames Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, etc., it is quite clear that there is no unambiguous answer to this question and there can not be. I always remember the monologue of Olga, one of Chekhov's three sisters: “Music plays so merrily, cheerfully, and you want to live! Oh, my God! Time will pass, and we will be gone forever, we will be forgotten, our faces and voices will be forgotten, and how many of us there were, but our sufferings will turn into joy for those who will live after us, happiness and peace will come on earth, and they will remember us with a kind word and bless those who live now.Oh, dear sisters, our lives are not over yet. Let's live! The music is playing so merrily, so joyfully, and it seems that a little more and we will find out why we live, why we suffer… If only I knew, if only I knew!” This is probably the trick of states like yours. It seems a little more… But there is no answer! A beautiful monologue. Beautifully written. But in spirit, I am more impressed by the words of one of the characters in Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. This hero is rarely remembered. His place in the novel is small compared to other, more epic, heroes. But it was in his mouth that the great Tolstoy put the essence of his understanding of the meaning of life. Nikolai Rostov (Natasha Rostova's brother) says to one of the heroines: “The main thing is not to bloom like a pustotsvetom!” That's the point! Here's the gist! According to the novel, it was meant that despite the fact that fate divorced the heroes who love each other, you still have to live in such a way that your life is justified, useful and acceptable from the point of view of ordinary human philosophy. For a woman, this is definitely the birth of a child. For a man – to be the master, responsible for the order in his home, in the family, in the state. Now, in the 21st century, many things are not so patriarchal. The values have changed somewhat. Social psychology has changed. But the essence of human existence, in my opinion, has not changed: not to bloom as a waste flower, to bear fruit. And these can be different fruits: family and children, profession and duty, mission, service to the Motherland, creative activity, human relations, helping others, etc. So many options! So many roads! Being around someone makes sense. It makes sense to give yourself joy. It makes sense to bring joy to others. Develop-meaning. It makes sense to explore new “horizons”. Eat, pray, love-meaning. It also makes sense to forgive and ask for forgiveness! To be honest, I didn't want to go into the pathos, but somehow it didn't work out… You're not the first person to write about suicidal thoughts. You are not the first person to write about the loss of direction. I will certainly advise you to consult with a specialist of a narrow profile. For example, with a psychiatrist. If you have something clinical, then you just need to treat it. And now it is both possible and affordable, and you don't need to go to a mental hospital. If everything is good, then you need to start looking for yourself and start with the simplest and smallest: set yourself tiny good goals! Getting up five minutes earlier, doing ONE breathing exercise and ONE stretching exercise is already great! If you've completed it, then praise yourself. If you don't follow through, please also give us some praise. And so the matter, you see, will go! Don't wait for instant changes. But if you do it regularly, expanding the range of target areas, then everything will get better!

  3. Try what I haven't tried. Experience something you haven't experienced before. See something you've never seen before. And only then think about the futility of existence.

  4. I think you should try to fill your life with meaning. You don't have to wait for someone to tell you what the meaning of your life is, your life is unique, and it has its own special meaning . Do what you like, what you think is necessary, useful, and right. Just because you don't see the point now doesn't mean it doesn't exist. No matter how pointless your work or study may seem to you, you can still learn a lot from it. �Learn, develop, love, �take care of those you love – and you will no longer feel that there is no meaning in life. Whether it exists or not is up to you.

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