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  1. Can you remember the moment when the desire to stop getting up in the morning stopped pleasing? Great! Try to find there the old motivation to do this. Now analyze what has changed now, why and when “the house became empty”? Listen to yourself, what does your indifference mean? Why did you get more positive feedback? And the negative ones?

    Reading the question, I had the assumption that you have a similar condition not very long ago. From this, if you exclude depression, I can assume that something very important and traumatic for you recently happened. In this case, it's a good idea to try to figure out exactly what happened and why everything has lost its colors now.�

    Unfortunately, I don't have enough information right now to help you understand the situation. While in any case, it is worth looking for motivation, resources and something that causes any response in you. And you can already work with it, either independently or in a pair with a psychotherapist.�

    Just make a reservation that depression should really be excluded. If you are unsure, try it yourself, for example, using the Beck Depression Scale.

  2. This condition corresponds to the diagnosis of depression. There are four ways to overcome this condition. The first is to wait until it passes by itself. Sometimes it passes, but you have to wait a long time, although in some cases it passes quickly and radically. The main thing is not to be in a state of lifting if you have a bipolar state. And don't make any depressing mistakes. The second path is the path of small steps. Then you have to take VERY SMALL STEPS to do something that brings VERY LITTLE JOY. This can sometimes be done. And the depression passes. It happens. The third way is to see a psychiatrist. The doctor will give you drugs that can improve your mood and bring back joy. Then it's another story, exactly how you will have to live with these drugs. When you can cancel them, and when you may need them again. The fourth way is to see a therapist. This specialist often helps without pharmacology, but not always succeeds. Then smart psychotherapists have friendly psychiatrists who help the treatment by adding medications. And finally THE FIFTH WAY. It combines all these four paths in the most harmonious combination, when you are waiting, taking your small steps to joy, consult both a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. Then you will definitely succeed, even in the most difficult case.

  3. I remember it was like this. And even now it happens. In my opinion, the point is not in any of our mental deviations, but in the banal fatigue of our psyche, soul and body (please underline). At work just recently, I was so tired, I sat down and I don't want anything. And my brain immediately all life is over, work is not happy, gray days have come, the world is in chaos and it's gone. So wait, brain, are you hunting again? But it turns out that I spent a whole month as usual, even on weekends I did something. So when my whole 2 days off came, I just didn't do anything. I ate, drank, slept, watched the Internet, and played. And voila, a lively one again. Life forces are resources, and resources tend to run out and need to be replenished. So go ahead and fill up the resource you need

  4. Find this meaning for yourself, obviously.

    1. Start simple – you were born to do something. For what?
    2. If it didn't make sense for you to get up, you would probably have already died in some way. Nature does not tolerate unnecessary things. So you, for some reason and someone needs. Think about it-why?
    3. You will not find people like you on the whole Earth! Even if you had a twin, it would have a different fingerprint, retina, character. You are the only one on the whole planet! Think about why this is so?

    Answer this question to yourself every morning. Focus on the positive, and I think you'll soon find meaning.

    If you need anything, please contact us and I'll help you.

  5. Ask yourself the question – who am I? Really, who are you as a person? Who are you? What do you believe in? If you don't see the point of getting up every day, what would be the point? If you are “not happy with classes, not happy with people”, then what could you be happy about? What kind of life would you like to live? What would you like to do? What kind of people would you like to surround yourself with? And if “the old house is empty”, what new house can you build and what will you fill it with?

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