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  1. I highly recommend that you learn to appreciate more than just looks in guys. Even as it is strange for a girl-usually the inner world is more important to you than appearance. Well, then, there are exceptions…

  2. Eat something triangular, smelling like a cake, looking like a cake, and even tasting like a cake, but dietary, without flour or sugar…
    A few years ago, it turned out that the vast majority of cases of ” oh, mommies…I think I fell in love! ” – actually “I'm hungry” or “I want something I don't know what” = in any case, you need a cake)
    If the feeling of falling in love by the end of the piece has not passed, then you can already think)

  3. Try to approach your crush more consciously. At the very moment when it “rolls over”, stop and think-what is it all about now and how long will it last?

    You can fall in love at least with everyone you meet in general, the main thing is what it leads you to. If, for example, you understand that something similar has already happened (and more than once) and ended only in disappointment , then you should try to somehow control yourself.�

    In the end, the mere fact of falling in love does not oblige you to do anything. Think of it as an interest that requires further development. Try to get to know the person better – and then, it will either pass by itself (with time, or out of frustration), or the person will turn out to be not just “any nice guy”, but someone more.

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