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  1. to begin with, drink soothing teas, listen to relaxing, calm music before going to bed, and maybe even try to turn it on as a quiet background or the sounds of nature during sleep. try to understand if there are annoying factors, let's say that the headlights of cars outside the window are annoying, then close the curtains, change your position-move the bed, leave a weak lamp for the night. if you started now, it may be from a high temperature, it's normal when in the heat, if more than 25 dreams of all sorts of nonsense, now it's already getting cold, if there is no kondey opening the window at night, walking in the cool air before going to bed, a cool shower before going to bed, change the blanket to a lighter one or cover yourself with a wet sheet. you can try to spray aromatherapy with orange oil, for example (but carefully not overdoing it).

    if the problems remain, then you need to consult a doctor for examination.

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