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  1. There is such a thing as obsession. It is often used inappropriately and incorrectly, but in this situation, you can use it to explain something.
    You are not a pretentious vampire / energovampir, you are a person through whom this very energy is leaking, and when it is not enough in yourself, it is taken through you from other people.

    If you are struggling to fight with people and say nasty things to them in order to get energy from them, while you love blood, while you often watch horror movies (got hooked on them), periodically use alcohol and tobacco, and can not do without obscene language-this means that you feed not only yourself, but also parasites.
    I mean, the mental parasites, the things that pretend they're you. You're used to everything that goes on in your head being created by you, but there are thoughts coming in.
    From the point of view of psychiatry, this is one thing, from the point of view of esotericism, another, I don't want to deal with terminology, I just know how to help, and therefore I write. The pros and cons of my answer don't change anything here.

    Try at the moment of the next “attack” of such desires to listen to yourself, to your consciousness, and not let yourself again confuse your own desires and the desires of others. As soon as you can find out where you are and where you are not, do your best to support the real you, while ignoring the desires of the not-you. As a rule, a genuine you does not have destructive and irrational desires, you are not attracted to what is not required by a healthy body. Thus, the stronger the will, the better you cut yourself off from not yourself.
    The more inconvenient and difficult it is for these things to get your energy, the less willing they are to consume it. I've seen a lot of such situations, and almost all of them are resolved after a strong-willed effort.

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