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  1. I once asked a friend of mine this question, and he suggested a working method.

    I was asked to compare the brain to a smartphone, and use the technique of closing apps before going to bed. In other words, you need to convince yourself that all obsessive thoughts are closed, and the processes will continue again, only in the morning.

  2. I've experienced this myself.
    If this is an obsession, then no amount of alcohol will help you, because this is a mental disorder that requires the help of a specialist.
    Obsessive thoughts are a type of obsessive state (obsession).
    The main distinguishing features of obsessive thoughts:

    1. Obsessive thoughts involuntarily and even against the will arise in the mind of a person. At the same time, the consciousness remains unclouded and clear.
    2. Obsessive thoughts are not in any visible connection with the content of thinking, they have the character of something alien, extraneous to the patient's thinking.
    3. Obsessive thoughts cannot be eliminated by a strong-willed effort of the patient. The patient is not able to get rid of them.
    4. Obsessive thoughts arise in close connection with the emotional sphere, accompanied by depressive emotions, feelings of anxiety.
    5. Remaining alien to thinking in general, they do not affect the patient's intellectual level, do not lead to violations of the logical course of thinking (S. A. Sukhanov called obsessive thoughts parasitic), but their presence affects the productivity of thinking, mental disability of the patient.
    6. The painful nature of obsessive thoughts is recognized by the patient, and there is a critical attitude towards them.

    In my experience, I can say that you are lucky if you do not show compulsive actions (compulsions) to “save” from obsessive thoughts.
    I've had it get to the point where I've been plagued with thoughts at night and can't go to bed because of the compulsive “rituals”that I have to perform. It's a living HELL.

    If there is a chance that you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, then you will make a big mistake by running this.

    Still, I hope that you are tormented by thoughts only because you can not complete some business, etc., because problems at work or excitement due to an outstanding loan are much easier to “overcome” than OCD.

  3. well, in dreams, it is unlikely that anything will help,but ATTENTION HATERS can help you fall asleep! Alcohol. Don't get too drunk in … Just a glass of whiskey and coke and go to bed in the evening and wait half an hour at most, helped me with the worst suffering. And in my sleep, they also followed me,but not after drinking by the way, but so to speak in a sober sleep. And I probably understand you. These dreams were a kind of metaphor for what I was thinking and expressed my objective point of view,which I just couldn't believe because I was so scared of what was happening.�

    Man, I probably sound like a complete drunk,but it was a period that I could only go through like this.I read a lot of life hacks on how to fall asleep faster, etc. and with or without them, I fell asleep at 4 in the morning… It wasn't cool. And with a glass of white horse, I could go to bed at 23(and I just can't go to bed earlier,this is the minimum time when I can sleep, if I didn't fall asleep from fatigue during something). It lasted about 2-3 weeks and not every day,but I will say this. It would be better if it was every day, than these terrible dreams, these terrible thoughts, this horror.

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