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  1. The meaning of life is not some absolute truth. It does not exist as rules or regulations for life. The meaning is comprehended by the person himself and only then does it acquire meaning. Apparently you haven't figured it out yet. Understanding is only part of the work of our consciousness. To understand the meaning of life, it is not enough to understand what is happening. It is necessary to combine understanding and experience, then there is a chance to get rid of meaninglessness. For example, what is the meaning of love? If you try to find it there from the point of view of understanding, then love is meaningless. This is what all the androids in science fiction say. Because they don't have the ability to experience what they're talking about. Fortunately, people have this opportunity.

    1. Read about the meaning of life. For example, books by existential psychotherapist Irwin Yalom. According to it, a person must first invent the meaning of life, then believe in its independent origin. You can find popular ones – about “ikigai” or “the meaning of life in Japanese”.

    You can talk about positive Philosophical ones, which are about the fact that the meaning of life is in life itself. It's about living.

    1. Ask for help. Loss of meaning is not the loss of an idea or worldview. This is an emotional state: “a sense of meaninglessness.” It can mask depression, apathy, crisis, or trauma. It can hide “loss of faith in God” or “loss of trust in people”. A lot of things. You will need the help of a specialist.

    2. Depending on ideas and emotions can also be a topic to clarify or work on. You don't have to have a muse to create, a wife to love, an interest to live. You can be serene (without emotions, in peace) and at the same time do a lot of meaningful things without feeling “full of meaning”.

  2. If you understand the meaninglessness, then it means that you have not yet psychologically grown up. And is it worth thinking about death(to be in this dead end of meaninglessness), if you have not yet learned everything in this world?

    What to do: Stop inertia. Take your life in your own hands. Find someone who can help you grow psychologically if you can't already.

    That's the point.

    Find out – “how can it be different?”, see other facets of life. They can be different. And even some of them are very interesting. Not all. But just diversity allows you to see the world and your life more comprehensively-deeper and wider – than the monotony of meaninglessness.

  3. I think that the period of meaninglessness has its own buzz, a special state between the meaning of the past and the meaning of the future. at such moments, I enjoy what is happening, enjoy the simple details, the process for the sake of the process. And then, you see, a new meaning will come up.

    If you notice a constant reduced emotional background, nothing pleases you, then it is better to consult a doctor. This can be either a symptom of vitamin deficiency or a sign of depression.

  4. Two questions arise;

    1-how did you understand the meaninglessness of life?

    2-what was the meaning of your life before that?

    Here, after answering these questions, you can still discuss, and so everyone will give advice on the outcome of their “vision of the world”, and believe me, we all see it differently.

  5. Viktor Frankl, a 20th-century Austrian psychiatrist, has written extensively on this topic. He went through a concentration camp, where he observed how people, being put in a completely animal position, managed to find an incentive to survive. Later, Frankl studied the increasing trend towards suicide among the younger generation. And he saw the main reason for this trend in young people's awareness of the meaninglessness of their own existence. For general education, it will be useful to read. In addition, as soon as you start to understand what is what and how others are doing, you will find meaning at least in the search for your lost meaning.
    If the body does not resist small tricks on your part and allows you to lie to yourself when it is necessary for business, you can practice “short-term meaning”. You don't need to immediately imagine yourself on your deathbed, all so broken by the meaninglessness of life, angry and unhappy. Begin to see meaning in the immediate and tangible achievements. Eternity, which is what life sometimes seems like, is always scary, so break it into pieces-and it's more fun. Move to Australia in 10 years, graduate from UNI in 3 years, go to the mountains this summer, or go to the store for a chocolate bar in half an hour-choose what at this particular moment appeals more to suicide and go ahead. Well, if you are inclined to help people or at least not devoid of compassion, then, oddly enough, the inclusion of your own selfishness also works. I don't want to live, there is no point in it, but dying is also pointless and stupid – ruin the very fact of your birth, potential, and cause pain to your loved ones. If you don't want to live for yourself, make it your goal to live exclusively for others. At least go to Africa, at least give everything that you have earned-you have collected for your meaningless life and go into lifelong volunteers. It doesn't make sense anyway, what difference does it make to you? And so at least you will benefit. And that's where saving selfishness usually works – it turns out that I'm not bad in my place. It's dangerous in Africa, and it's “warmer” at home with my family than with strange people who I have to help solve their problems. I have enough of my own. And if you have enough of your own, then there is still something to strive for to find solutions to these problems. So you want better and more. And more than that already makes sense. It's just that everything doesn't always work out for us in life, so I want to give up. But usually this is a short-term phenomenon and you should not succumb to its influence. If you are naturally curious, you can find meaning even in the expectation of what tomorrow will bring: new technologies, discoveries, events – anything; the main thing is that it is all new – something that you will never know, being no longer in this world.
    I am by no means an expert, just the same periodically “suffering” to the point of meaning, like you. So experiment, look for what's right for you. Even with this, you can play around: create for yourself the most original meaning of life and really live it. Only without atomic bombs and others like them, we've had enough.;)

  6. Do you understand the meaninglessness of life? Such a statement is very loud and it is very unassuming to state it. Most likely, you realized that you yourself can not find meaning in your life. You understood your own inability to answer this question, but you could not understand the “meaninglessness of life”. The meaning of life is not clear to anyone, but it definitely exists. There is no point in understanding what can be felt without understanding it.

  7. Probably do the same as the ostrich does-hide your head in the sand, your head is away, and everything else is breathing. Seriously, don't be silly. Each of us has our own concept of the meaning of life. Someone to be a bull, someone to be an eagle. Blaming life is a bad thing. In this world, we are all in our proper places. Even continuing to live by inertia is not nonsense. Avoid philosophizing on a topic that even scientists and religion can't answer.

  8. Yes, anything – dig, plant, draw, listen to music, cook food, clean the apartment. Not enough work or something ? Or everything is sterile around, or you don't want a delicious pie ? And there in the process, maybe some interest and favorite activity will appear. Work will become a hobby.

  9. I'm sure this is just fatigue and signs of depression, you need to distract yourself and switch to replace with new pleasant impressions. If you are tired of people and relationships, you can also change something and let your soul out of the cage, you don't have to be like everyone else and depend on them and their opinions. Dude, you can do anything. Enjoy the moment don't think about the eternal ( and then just the opposite)

  10. The meaning of life is very simple= solve problems= become someone who can do / solve= DEVELOP YOURSELF.

    Despite the difficulties.

    There is no other meaning in life/evolution.=))

    It's like with a grain—one seed was sown – – – 10 grew.

    So a person – – – gave birth to a “blank sheet” of nifiga who does not know how and does not know, and a DOER/CREATOR must grow up.

    those. the one who is able to overcome yesterday's self today.

    Otherwise, I sowed one grain , also collected 1 , well, 2, no use.

    Only embezzlement.

  11. To understand that there is a meaning in life, but you just haven't found it for yourself yet, I recommend sports and benefits for society, these are universal meanings. And there is another, but difficult one, to change the world on a global level.

  12. Killing yourself is the stupidest thing you can think of. In general, if you don't really want to live, then you can get drunk or get stoned, so at least it's more fun. In general, even thinking about it is stupid. There are so many interesting things around, so many unknown things, so many good people! Explore it! For example, I am fond of graffiti, and you can't imagine how much fun it is to run away from the cops drunk through courtyards, jumping over fences) So come on, get your feet in your hands and do something that will add color to your life.

  13. What if what you've learned is just a trick of your mind playing tricks on you? If there is something that you haven't understood yet, but you've already stopped searching and are living by inertia?

    The cleverest man, the ancient Greek thinker and philosopher Socrates, said at the end of his life: “I know that I don't know anything.” And you already understand everything about life…

    What to do? Fill your life with meaning, some kind of interest and overcome the plug that made you realize that life is meaningless.

  14. it didn't make any sense at first, no one did!.. and yes, to live even by inertia, but to live QUALITATIVELY and with taste!.. like someone said in a movie.. or maybe that's the point?..

  15. The solution will not come by itself, you need to look for a solution. It is necessary to monitor and raise the emotional background, the higher it is, the happier and easier life is. There is a concept like a chronically low emotional background, you need to make it chronically high and then everything will change! Our motivation with all the consequences, the emotional background and successful implementation depend on the hormonal background. If the hormones are all right, then life is high. Hormones can be influenced by various stimulants (alcohol and other drugs), but then you will have to pay dearly for this, because drugs always take away more than they give, but later, or even from the opposite, lead a more or less healthy lifestyle and observe at least one (but Strict) Great Lent, prayer in which, you can replace with meditation and preferably add, but on an ongoing basis, light but intense cardio training (you can even do it at home for 10 minutes, for example, running on the spot, etc.) You can also try Wim Hof breathing as an additional hormonal tool. But be careful not to overload the body, do not chase after momentary changes, the measure is important in everything, or the body will fail, and remember our patience is everything! In short, so. Good luck to you! For each keyword, there is information in the Internet.

  16. well, you don't fucking understand the author of the question. I will say this: when you die, you will disappear, your world will become empty, as if you never appeared(most likely, I can not say for sure). And if you do anything about it, your life has no meaning and there is no meaning in it. But you wrote this question, so you care. In the moment, you are still searching for meaning and suffering from your own thoughts. Just live and someday you will look at your life differently.

  17. Find the right person. When you find it, the whole world makes sense, because everything is done for someone. We are pack animals, always dependent on people. No one does anything based on a “certain” self. After all, we are in many ways a lot of people who formed us.

  18. Kick-ass, and kick-ass is incurable ! You, dear, need to work hard, it's you who suffer 100% from idleness with garbage, you are engaged in self-flagellation. Work,work, and more work is what you need .

  19. Hello! The fact that you feel the meaninglessness of life is a false feeling that you have withdrawn into yourself gone into yourself. So you feel the meaninglessness of life. The meaning of life is of course. I think the creator God did not just create us for a reason that we vegetated in meaninglessness.

    The meaning of life and the plan you need to reveal. Understand realize.

    The meaning of life is higher than one of our lives in the connections between us. Visit the website of SVP Yuri Burlan where you will find out and find answers to your questions.

  20. I think you think you live by inertia, but you're wrong. you're not the only one who has such thoughts, but many people break down and kill themselves, and the rest of them are just afraid to die, thinking exactly the same as you do. in fact, if you are still alive, then you have a person who is dear to you, for whom you are still living in this mortal world. think about it, not everything is so bad, people's lives are 100 times worse than yours, but they live. they live, give birth to children, and create the meaning of life for themselves. and I advise you, you don't have to give birth, just set a goal for yourself, what you really want. something that will make you live and enjoy every moment. or at least set yourself a goal to survive your family, because it will be painful for them to lose you. you can talk about it for hours, and stupidly my opinion is not interested in any kago, now many people will think, youngster, but what does he want to know about life, while not knowing even half of what I felt during this fucking life. I apologize in advance for the mistakes, please do not judge strictly. and in the end, I'll add that people like you, when they don't show their pain, or when they don't show their feelings, explain yourself to someone, or write to me. it helped me in my time that I spoke out, it helps a lot, I explain every disappointment in people, defeats, depression, to one person, he analyzes all this with a sober head and gives it out already digested and you know, life is easier…

  21. your stalemate should, in theory, tell you that your worldview is wrong.”I realized the meaninglessness of life” – it sounds too naive. Still understand you and understand about Life and the Meaning of what I want.

    Let me also offer my understanding :


  22. I would artificially create a dangerous situation with a risk to my life in order to bring back the colors of life and realize that we are given one life. Skydiving, jumping off a bridge with a rubber band, and so on.

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