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  1. Think about this. Your deduction does not raise any questions for you: what am I doing wrong? what exactly am I failing at? what needs to be changed, and how to finish this very university? Etc.

    The only question that torments you is ” What should I tell my relatives?”

    In other words, your attempts to finish university are your obligation to your relatives. Personally, you don't need this, otherwise you would be asking yourself exactly the above questions.

    Accordingly, there are two possible solutions.

    Or you admit to yourself that your university prospects are just a whim of relatives, and you begin to realize your own desires and directions of movement.

    Or am I wrong, andYou want to graduate from the university yourself. In this case, the opinion of relatives will not matter much to you. As many times as you need, you will do so: five, ten, until you finish. And their business is to help what they can and support.

  2. work.
    and what? in the end, that's what they go to college for.

    of course, in theory (this is not always the case, but in most cases) you will have a better job if you work with the rig but…. This is not always the case.
    and besides, no one bothers you to work a little, and then decide where you want to study and why.
    and whether you want to do it at all.

    what does it have to do with relatives?

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