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  1. If your hands are giving up, then you are tired, rest and decide for yourself whether you are a lion or a doe, if you have decided that you are a lion, then this is for you.

    1. Try to meet your needs, if they are unattainable, don't be a fool and change your priorities.

    2. Problems that we face in life only teach a person and make him stronger and problems will arise more than once, look from a positive point of view at the solution, and not at the problem.

    3. Don't be afraid to change the trajectory you are flying towards the target, the further away the target is, the harder it is to calculate it.

    4. If you find yourself in a typical situation where you are standing at the crossroads of life, exit autopilot mode and steer wherever you see fit.

    5. What is laziness, fatigue, melancholy and so on-a protective reaction, you are not iron you need recovery, lick your wounds, stick plantain.

    6. When the hands go down, they need to be raised quickly, otherwise you will have to go down into a cold well for them later.

    7. Correct thoughts, focus.

    8. Finally, if you can't catch up with a fallow deer, consider whether you really want to eat.

    9. When you have decided on everything, the lion gets up and he is already confidently running.

    Where is the lion? He's already running.

  2. Think about the fact that if you give up, it won't get any better. The wizard won't show up and solve your problems. Get enough sleep and make a plan to solve the problem in the morning. Consider all the options available to you for personal effort and the people available to you who can do something to solve your problem. Consider which of these people will help you out of the goodness of their hearts, and who will have to pay (and it's better to pay than to be obligated for life for some unknown service in the future for them). Personally, I think in some situations, ” What would Superman do in my place?…. Excellent. How can I achieve the same result using methods that are accessible to an ordinary person?”

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