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  1. It is not without reason that there is a well-known expression “When it seems – it does not seem”. First of all, try to understand your feeling – does it really not let you down? Richard Bandler, in his book The Structure of Magic, gives an example of analyzing the situation of a person with a so-called “distorted model of the world”, claiming that he “does not know how to make a good impression on people.” I will not go into the details of the dialogue, but a series of consecutive questions leads a person to the true essence of this model, namely, that in reality his belief in the above statement is based on the fact that in childhood he did not receive enough attention from his mother simply because he never told her that he loved her. Why am I doing this? To the fact that you can build the same dialog with yourself. Sit down and analyze this situation, asking yourself questions that will help you deal with it. What's going wrong with my life? What does “going wrong” mean? What should “so”look like in my view? etc. For each of your answers, you can ask yourself clarifying questions, the answers to which should eventually lead you to the point. No one knows better than you in your life and hardly will, so before you go to a professional (in case it's more serious than you thought), try to solve the problem from the inside.

    Good luck!

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