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  1. The simplest solution to this problem is to take a horizontal one and start thinking about the meaning of being. These reflections will be so exciting, and being so interesting and meaningful, that you will fall asleep under the weight of heavy thoughts.

  2. Go after your boredom.Trust her.Watch yourself.Perhaps this is not boredom, but a time for reflection or rest before the jerk.Or зав hovering between a wish and a must.

  3. The old grandfather's way: take an iron fork, two cloves, a little soda and go to work, the factories are standing, the country does not produce anything, only startups are around.

  4. I go to bed when I have such a thing, or I go to drink tea, and then I go to bed)) Well, in general, it's right that at such moments you need to lie down and think about what you can changeaddchange in your life, sometimes something useful is born in such thoughts

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