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  1. Ask yourself why there are five fingers and not four, cry and stick your world wisdom to some new address, so as not to repeat after others 🙂

  2. Put a monthly salary on the result of the next football match. The subsequent 30-day fast will perfectly heal from excessive conceit. If it doesn't work out the first time, repeat. If you're still winning by the tenth, it looks like you really know something about it…

  3. This is so damn familiar. Everything seems so simple and obvious. You start to exalt yourself because of this, laugh at the opinion of each person and try to give him your own, because ” Everything is so obvious, how did you not think of it? “
    However, soon life will put a stick in the wheels of your cart, and only then will you realize that there is still a lot that remains beyond your understanding.

  4. For example, to grow up and stop suffering from teenage maximalism.

    And then try to answer the question ” Who are we and why are we here?”


  5. Try to dissuade yourself from this as soon as possible, because this is absolutely not the case) Apart from physical laws, there is hardly anything that can be accurately established) Maybe you meant that you understood your meaning of life and now everything is rotten?

    In this case, if you have something to drink and eat, if you are not affected by a deadly disease and you do not live so badly, then you can still try to find a goal and get pleasure from it, because there will be no other opportunity to see the world in its diversity. And as if decay, and as if beauty)

  6. I think I should stop reading Ze Cuesion as soon as possible
    Please provide a detailed answer to make it interesting to read. The answer must not be less than 140 characters long.

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